FAQ's about picking out a charter boat

Q. Why should I use a Professional charter?
A. Fishing with a Pro is your guarantee of a safe, successful outing. They know the area, fish regularly and work with other captains. Being in the right place at the right time is a very important part of fishing. Pros have a large investment in the latest tackle and fish locating equipment coupled with years of experience. Even knowledgeable fishermen new to the area can learn a great deal by taking a charter.

Q. Is a fishing license required?
A. All persons over 16 who will be fishing need a fishing license. An "All Species" resident or non-resident or a special low cost ($6.00) 24 hour license. One day licenses can be purchased in advance. Walmart and K-mart sell fishing licenses and are both located just outside town on US 10. Licenses can also be purchased in town at Pere Marquette Sports Center, 214 W. Ludington Ave. (downtown)

Q. Who can enjoy a Charter?
A. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and loves to share an adventure with friends or family. A single person, a family with children or a just a bunch of friends out for a good time. Large groups can charter several boats and arrange their own mini tournament. Our boats are limited to a maximum of 6 passengers.

Q. Are Charter boats licensed?
A. Not all boats offering to take you fishing are licensed charter boats. All our boats are licensed and state inspected to carry six (6) passengers. The captains are licensed by the US Coast Guard. Look for the inspection sticker posted on the boat.