Fishing Report

Aug 10, 2019

Still getting some huge Kings, many mid to upper 20's and fish everyday over 30lbs. The warmer water has pushed in closer after the west winds but remains very cold on the inside. Break is 30ft or less down. Some steelhead, coho and lakers in the mix. White Slick 8" Spin Doc w/Pickeled Sunshine flies have been good on high divers 100-140ft back. White Crush Paddles 60ft down. Black Crush Paddles on divers 80ft back. Yeck Bush bean, Lightning, Jerids, Bad Chicken on 100-200 coppers. Closer on high diver back 165ft w/ UV Gasoline meat rigs.  Water is stirred up from the wind and the best water is outside of the white clay water. North of the Point that was 160ft to 280fow for us today. 00's to 02.5 was good. Dancing Anchoy taking fish on a high diver back 110ft. Moonshine Mahi Mahi, Green Jeans on 200-300ft coppers. 

Aug 6 2019

****Today in front of Pentwater on the 47 line the Little River Band is setting assessment nets. 60-80fow and 100-120fow.  These are 24 sets and will be pulled tomorrow morning!!!

Fishing has been spotty overall. You need to be on the fish. Water nearshore is a wreck after a few days of north and east winds. 4000s have been good from the 53's south. North of the point in 300-400fow. Break is high. 100 coppers to 400 coppers are working well 35 to 90ft down on riggers, 150-180ft back on high divers, 90-120ft back on low divers.  Spoons have been good, Moonshine Gr Jeans, Blue Hulk, Gr Hulk, Flounder Pounder. Yeck Jerid and Lightning and Bush Bean ,Stinger Naked Jordo and SOG. Free sliders are taking fish well.  Meat Rigs on Spin Doctors, my best has been a Closer w/UV on Ice Meat Rig. Showtime with Blue Moo has been good. Best flasher fly combo for me has been 8" White Slick and Pickeled Sunshine fly. A bunch of 30plus pound fish are still being caught. Get out and get some

July 31, 2019

The south blow we had this weekend brought kings in and the n a north and north east wind has cooled the water down and made fishing tougher again. Black Paddles and Pickeled Sunshine flies on deep rigger and low wires 69-120ft back are working. Moonshine Mongollian Beef stacked with a Yeck Wart frog 60-65ft down. 200 Coppers w/Mahi Mahi and Green Shorts.  300-400 coppers w/ Kevins Girlfriend and Pickeled Sunshine. Best water is South of the Project 90-140fow. Tons of bait has shown up with the fish.  Steelhead have shown up in better numbers and hopefully coho are soon to follow.

July 27, 2019

Now that the tournaments are over posts will be regular.

Fishing for salmon has been tough, few fish have been around. In the offshore Classic some monster Kings showed up but it was a strong lake trout tournament.  Most of the big Kings were caught off of Manistee, a 37.75lb fish was weighed in. Lake Trout fishing has been good straight out and south to the 54's in 80-90fow after the north winds this week and the water cooled off.  With the south blow today and water warming up the trout should move back out to 100-130fow.  Riggers with cowbells w/peanuts or spin-n-glos are doing well, along w/Chrome Spin Docs, Trout Candy, Chrome Mixed Veggie with Green, Mtn Dew, Glo Spi-n-glos and DW Whirly gigs. I did find a batch of kings in the 51's in the 35's to 39s on Tuesday.  It wasn't a normal offshore fast troll program but very slow and deep even with the break 30ft down. At daybreak fish were hitting at 2.8SOG on spoons Moonshine Flounder Pounder, Gr. Knight, Wonder Bread free slider the others were on riggers 55ft to 60ft down.  100 Copper with Naked Jordo, 200 Copper with Yeck Mag Bl/Gr Holographic Dolphin then the bite quickly shut down. Struggled to get bit. Put a Kevins Girlfriend w/Pickeled Sunshine fly down 100ft and slowed the troll to 1.9Sog and immediately got bit, dropped low wires back to 200ft with Netminder and Diabolical Gr. Reaper Meat Rig and 10" Kevins Girlfriend w/ Diabolical Gr. Reaper Meatrig and they started to fire.

Yetserday fished the bank north from 01.5 to the 7's.  Started off in 140fow w/no bites, slid into 105fow north of the point and captured a Chinook low diver 160ft back on Netminder w/Gr Reaper Meatrig. Then cowbells started to fire on the bottom for trout. Lotsa trash and weeds made keeping rods clean tough. Noticed we had to be out of the dirty water to catch fish. The south blow today is really pushing some dirty water along the shore north and the water is warming up, hoping this brings the Kings in!

Some of the kings we caught offshore this week, and a great group of YMCA camp kids on a 2 boat trip HATTRICK AND RAPTOR pounding on the trout.

July 7, 2019

Following the north blow was a huge guess where to go?? Water peeled from the Point south, Fri night we had 73 deg, it was 43 this am.  Decided to start 59.1 on a south troll pointed at the weather buoy?? It worked out for us today 85fow.  2 riggers on the bottom were best for us, they were on fire, Chrome Mixed Veggie Spin Doc w/UV Gr Tip Spin-n-Glo and 10" Chrome Spin Dioc w/Xmas Tree Spin-n-glo was outstanding. Took a big King on a Moonshine Gr Knight 50ft down on a rigger.  On a south troll turned north at 56.7 and went north a mile and we were done  Also hit fish with a high diver w/LT Candy Spin Doc and UV GreenTip Spin-n-glo and A Low wire with 10" Spin Doc w/Xmas Tree Spin-n-glo in the mud.

Had a great time aboard the RAPTOR with a family from Missouri.  The kids were nonstop on the rods, on trout. They get to go home w/fish to eat and great memories, and the girls wanted to hear about my daughters Bachlorette party nn the boat friday afternoon. Fun day and fish dances from the girls this morning when we went 5 min w/o a bite, dang this captain is horrible, LOL

JJuly 6, 2019

 Fishing is good or poor based on your perspective. Catching trout is getting better. Bait and sea fleas are showing up and are the normal precurser to godd king Fishing. My steady Eddie worked again a couple of times last night taking a nice King and a trout just, north of the Point on a low diver back 160ft. A Netminder with a Diabolical meatrig called Gr. reaper. Also took fish on a Bl Bubble Spin Doc w/Bl Moo Meatrig back 150ft on a High Diver. Trout are moing in and that is the bread and butter fishing. As we get closer to the Ludington Tournament the Kings usually show up again, let's hope!!

Gotta be nuts to take 6 crazed bridal shower women out on your boat. Have had Bachelor parties out and they are so mellow compared to Bachlorette groups. If you were out there last night guys and showed those girls your tits, they want to throw out a big thank you. Took me 3 hrs to clean my boat! Worse part is they bedazzledthe RAPTORt before the trip----balloons, banners and Penis Straws??? Wow, I'm getting to old for this, LOL

July 4, 2019

Fishing has been tough out of Pentwater to Manistee----also sounds like much to most of the lake is. Afternoons out of Ludington have been good compared to the mornings though. Straight out on the crown, along the bank, off the bank in 200-240fow gotta try different depths and find actiuve fish. Tuesday afternoon the break was much shallower than it had been 45 @ 65ft, wednesday morning it had pushed back down with some really weird currents. Hit fish 130-160ft back on low wires with Kevins Girlfriend Spin Doc w/Diabolical Gr Reaper Meat Rig and Netminder Spin Doc w/Gr Mile Meat Rig. 400 45# Bloodrun Copper with a Glow Blade Green Slick Spin Doc and Pickeled sunshgine fly down the shoot as a Polish Downrigger! (Polish Down rigger--let all the copper out attach a 8oz weight and count the amt of bars back, I have been going back 10 passes on the reel). 300 copper on Mean Jeans, 100 copper Naked Jordo

All you hard core anglers 8yr old girl on a low wire knocked this king flat and helped rinse and bag our catch. Great job Samantha

june 30, 2019

Sorry about a late report but my lap-top wouldn't load last night and trouble this morning also. Yesterday fishing was tough for most from Ludington to Manistee.  Marking fish was the report but had trouble getting them going.  Water has warmed up dramatically, had 51 degrees down 70ft.  North troll off the bank 150fow from 02.5 to the stick w/o a bite and turned west, hit a double in 240fow, low diver back 150ft w/Netminder spin doc and a Gr Diabolical Meat Rig and 100ft down on a Mongollian Beef both elluded capture. Kept on a NW troll to get to the cold break offshore and had a steady pick out to 460fow when the fog moved in our bite quit for an hour?? Best rods were 200 Blood Run 45# Copper w/Yeck regular Bl/Gr Holographic Dolphin, Rigger 50-77 ft down w/Orange Flounder free slid with Yeck Wart Frog, 100ft Blood Run32# Coppers w/Stinger Naked Jordos(gold Blank), 150ft copper with Stinger Starburst. 10" Kevins Girlfriend Gr Mile Meat Rig 160ft on a low wire. Moonshine Cyclonite and Mandarin Orange working also. Yeck mag holographic Bl/Gr Dolphin down 100ft Stacked with a Smitty 5ft above went and a blue Knight free slid at 45 ft was going. We had trouble getting fish to the boat, we were trolling 2.9-3.1 to cover ground and might have contributed to the poor hook-ups but with the good bite I didn't want to change speed.....just one of those days. South troll from 06's to 04's slow bite but it picked up again on the 36 line just as we got to the 03's and we took several fish and missed fish pulling lines

June 26, 2019

Finally sw winds!!  Surface didn't warm up much but the temp pushed down to 80ft along the bank and the best fishing was 80-120ft down.  The water from the hard winds was very stained to 03 and once past the very dirty water fishing picked up.  Glow Frog, Yellow Frog, Net Minder Spin Docs with Froggy and Gr Mile Meat Rigs were good along with Diabolical Meat Rigs on low divers 140ft-160ft back.  New Coyote Flasher Black w/Crush and Kevorkian Tape w/Moo Moo Meat rig down 100ft on rigger (they have a spinner in the middle of the blade, kinda interesting).  Also hit on 300 Bloodrun coppers with Raspberry Carbon, 150 w/Starburst.  Best bite was in 100-110fow, after bite slowed down worked out on a west troll and worked some slicks out to 330fow.  We didn't get far enough out to get to the coldest water. North troll was 2.9sog and the strong  south to north current made it tough to get a good south troll, 1.6-1.9SOG.

Really nice fish being caught and Ma caught the biggest fish and the biggest fish of her life on a Net Minder with a Gr Diabolical Meat rig. She whined alot when the first run on the low diver smoked out over 300ft of line, lol

June 25, 2019

After 3 days of east winds we finally have a stretch of SW winds!! Fishing was tough yesterday, started in front of Pentwater in 85fow and worked out to 120fow. Hit a trout on the bottom off the bat on a 10" Chrome spin doc w/Xmas tree spin-n-glo.  As we trolled south the water was peeling off and getting colder. Turned back north to find the warmer water but it was gone and we weren't marking fish much. Customers wanted to target Kings and we hit them from 117fow to 135fow. 60ft on rigger Moonshine Dolphin, 300 Copper Mag Raspberry Carbon & Smitty, 300 Copper Yeck Polecat, 80ft Rigger Steelhead came on Moonshine Mag Oscar, 200 Copper Blue Hulk. 100 copper regular 007 and Stinger Naked Jordo. 90-110fow was best for trout but that became tough as the water peeled also. Started w/53 degrees on the surface and 50deg down 45ft, water cooled off to 49 deg on the surface and 46deg down 45ft.  Found 51 deg water out deeper and 55 from the 49's to the 52's but fish were very scattered. With stable weather and good wind direction the lake should set up and hopefully push the break in closer. Still some monster fish around, a 30lb king and 25lb Brown were weighed in at Captain Chucks this weekend, get out and join the Captain Chucks 30lb Club!

June 22, 2019

On Friday fishing was fair.  Some boats did very well but it sounded like they hit the critical speed.  Fishing was best inside of 120fow along the bank and north of the point inside 100fow. The full moon period hasn't helped the bite any and today we have hard east winds which is spreading the water out worse and scattering the fish. Our best yesterday was Moonshine Mag R Dolphin 60ft down on a rigger, Silver Streak Purple Smurf 85 to 100ft on a high Diver, Orange Flounder on rigger 45ft free slid with a SS Starburst.  One angler had a great bite going on a 10" White Slick Spin Doc w/Moo Moo Meat Rig back 120ft on a low wire.  Next week we are supposed to get SW winds and warmer weather.  Sounds like the entire coast of Michigan is struggling today. It's June and the lake is trying to set up and it takes time but we definitely need some stable weather.

Yesterday was Veterans Day and 30+ boats participated and a group of people packaged and cleaned fish for them. Thanks to all the boaters/Captains and help cleaning fish to support our troops!!

Father and son trip yesterday.  Son with his first big King 22lbs that smoked a high diver, complained that it was hurting his arms lol

June 16, 2019

Despite the big winds, rough water and the surface temps falling like a rock fishing remains good.  Steelhead are showing up in decent numbers---it's time.  Kings are being caught from the Point to north of Manistee and from the 52's to Little Point.  Mixed bags of kings of different age classes, steelhead and lakers are being captured.  New Buffalo to Saugatuck is on fire for coho and hopefully they start to move up the coast soon. Bait is starting to show up in better numbers also.  Hopefully we get some clear days to get some surface temp maps.  This week looks like great weather, get out go fishing!!

June 12, 2019

The Little River Band placed assessment nets in the 01's yesterday in 100-130fow and 150-170fow.  These will be removed mid morning today.  They are graded mesh gill nets to assess fish fish species and size.  Typically trying to locate whitefish and lakers.  Again, please do not damage these nets they are only 24hr assessment nets!!

June 9, 2019

Fishing was very on Saturday.  The bank was slow but off the bank 180-260fow was good from the 00's to 03. Sunday was tough fishing and very spotty from Pentwater to Manistee. Best fishing was tight inside water.  The east winds spread the water out and out of Ludington the break was outside the 45 line.  Basically we need westerly winds to pack the water closer to shore and condense the fish and it looks good through this week for these winds.  From Saugatuck to Ludington even the trout fishing has gotten tough and this is due to changing water conditions and unstable water.  The extreme water levels takes more energy to warm up and the currents are different than in the past.  The best fishing has been straight out 70-85fow.  Moonshine Blue Knight RV, Flounder Pounder and Blue Hulk were good on riggers and coppers.  Yeck Purple Hamm on divers and Gold Tangerine on Sliders taking bites.  Keins Girlfriend w/GR Mile Meatrig, Black Slick and Pickeled Sunshine flies on divers.

Fished the Bay on Saturday and fishing is good.  More small fish dumping out of the river for more throwbacks recently. F buoy to A buoy 16-18fow was our best east west troll along the dirty water edge.  Spoons and flicker shads were good 2.8-3.1SOG. Moonshine IK Dominator, JJ MAC both RV were good on 50-60 Blood Run Walleye Coppers and Mini discs 40-60ft back.  Silver Streak Reverse Muffin and Barbie were very good also on the discs with a mix of Antifreeze and other spoons in mixes of black and pinks and yellows that I don't know the names of.  White bass cats and some sheephead are starting to show up.  In tighter fishing is very good also and more pike are showing up in catches inside in the mix.

The new GLSI (Great Lakes Salmon Initiative) Website is complete.  This has a host of information for weather, webcams, satellite imagery, etc. Check it out.  Sign up to be a member, we are fighting to maintain our salmon fisheries in the Great Lakes and insure proper management with social, economic factors weighed in alonbg with sound science.  Like the Facebook page as we use this medium to get information out to the public.

The Little River Band has been and will be doing more assessment netting up and down the coast from Manistee to Grand Haven.  These assessment nets are not permenant, only 24hr sets.  Trying to get better communication to get heads up as these nets are set ahead of time, locations. PLEASE DO NOT damage these nets.  Last year there were some damaged staffs and nets.  This makes for BAD BLOOD between tribes and anglers!! The assessments are also included in lake wide management strategies and decision making policies.

June 4, 2018

Fishing remains to be very good. Saturday before the storm blew in the bank was on fire in 120-150fow. Southern waters was very good also from the 53's to the 51's in 80-100fow. On Sunday the bank was still good fishing but with the high pressure it was a little tougher. Trolled north in 130-140fow with a steady pick until the 04's when fishing slowed down.  Turned west and 180-260fow fishing really picked up.  Best baits for us were spoons on riggers Moonshine Mag Green Jeans, RV Flounder Pounder, Green Jeans RV, the new RV Green Knight 35-65 down with long leads 65 to 100ft back. High divers 100ft-150ft back with 8" White Slick Spin Doc and Pickeled Sunshine fly, Yeck Purple Hamm and Blue/Gr Dolphin Holographic. Low divers with 10" Green Crush Spin Doc w/Moonshine Tri Flies and Gr Mile meat rigs 100-115 ft back. 200-300 coppers with Moonshine RV Blue Hulk and RV Flounder Pounder Mags.

Ran a charter on Saginaw Bay yesterday for walleye.  Fishing was a slower pick due to heavy NW winds on Sunday and Sunday night. The water got dirty and high pressure didn't help.  Our best water was by A buoy trolling east west for a mile and 1/2 stretch. Mini disks with spoons 40-60ft back were best. Diver back 41ft was on fire.  Reverse Muffin and Barbie were our best spoons. Inside by the old river channel was good with Flicker Shads.


Polecat had a great day just south of the Project with a ringer crew of his sisters and wife and even let his son go along to help.  Nice catch of walleye from the bay yesterday

May 30, 2019

Fishing is pretty darn good!!  Kings are here!!  The bank was good yesterday but today slowed down tremendously??  Turn LEFT--- steady fishing, you have a choice for kings or trout or both!!  Yesterday we started in 51fow and set up for kings and it took off.  Toiday the same water was slow because the bait that was there yesterday was gone.  We moved out to 90fow watwer and it was very good fishing, doubles were the norm.  Kings to 25+lbs. Best rods the last 2 days were a Mag Green Shorts by Moonshine down 30ft on a rigger and a Yeck Bl/Gr Holographic Dolphin 100-125 back on a high diver set @ 2.5.  Other steady baits for us werte a Mag Gr Jeans on a high diver 125ft back, and Moonshine Blue Hulk on a 200 copper, Moonshine 007 on a 100copper, Yeck Lightening on a 150ft copper. Moonshine Gr Shorts regular down 35ft on a rigger.  Also hit on a 2 and 3 color with Stinger Starburst, 100 copper with a Mag Green Hulk a couple times.  I will get pictures up when I figure out my new phone!! Best water for us today was 52.5 to 54.9N and 30.6 to 31.6W----North troll was 2.7 to 2.9SOG and south troll was 2.4SOG, the current was ripping from the south to north

Great crew, suck on the rods because they are old LOL.  Hey 6 fish over 20lbs is a good day.  Today the bite quit at 8:15am, compared to yesterday it kept going but we managed to capture afew. Time to go SNOID hunting!! And figured out how to operate my new phone

May 27, 2019

Fishing has been steady trout fishing and the Kings are picking up.  Water is setting up well but still would like to get out of this east wind pattern and more SW.  My best for Kings still staying steady with Moonshine Blue Hulk on a 200 copper but also hitting fish on Gr Hulk, Craigs Flounder, Cyclonite and Gr Shorts.  On high lines Stinger Hot Jordo and Inmate, Yeck Mag Bl/Gr Holographic Dolphins, Lightening, Gold blank Holographic Tangerine. Today reports are a little slower but we have had NE winds for over a day and fish are more scattered.  Fished the Manistee tournament Saturday, Friday pre fished my way up and North of the Point held alot of fish in the 7's and 8's, hit Kings and trout 70-80fow.  On tournament day those fish were gone after the storm fri night and east winds and most of the fish were up in the 19's to the 25's, the point had outrageous currents and cooled off and as we fished the warm water that was pushed off outside of 200fow was pushing back in.  Heard a couple boats smashed kings off the point yesterday in 150fow.

Best trout rigs on the bottom for me have been 8in Chrome Mixed Veggie, Trout Candy, 8in and 10in Chrome spin doc with Xmas tree or Gr UV tip spin-n-glos in 50 -60fow from the 53's to the 49's.  Sounds like the fish pushed a little further south yesterday and they are taking them all the way to Little Point.

Earlier in the week Saugatuk was on the big king whackfest for a couple days but they pushed north and Grand Haven has the mother load. Even though we are catching decent numbers they are coming north as the water warms and we should be pounding very soon.


Friday was sponsor day for the Ludington Boat Charter Assoc. 5 boats I had Nova Motel and House of flavors, great group of guys and some of the fish we caught in 1st pic, 2nd pic is the total catch.  The 3rd pic is my wifes dog that decided he wanted off the boat while prefishing for the Manistee tournament, while trolling.  Shelties are not water dogs and he looks like a drowned rat after I had to net him to get back on board---he is all boy!!

May 21, 2019

Guess what? Silver fish are picking up!!  Kings are being caught.  Yesterday with the NW blow trout fishing got tough until the wind died and then it was lights out.  Kings are being caught in the trout grounds but based on my experience the best king fishing is in the 53's and 54's 98 to 100fow!! Find the warm edge of the cold water and follow the edge to target Kings and then go trout fishing!! We found Kings on the warm side this morning. Mag Bl?Gr Yeck Dolphins on High Divers 120ft back, Mag Yeck Mixed veggies on flat lines and 3 colors and Mag Moonshine Craigs Flounder were good on 100 coppers. For Lakers Mixed Veggie Spin Doctors and UV Green Tip On Divers and Chrome Spin Doctors and Xmas Tree Spin-n-glos on riggers were our best last night and this morning followed by Yeck Glow Tin Can Dodgers and Spin-n-glos were good. We also hit Kings on Stinger Inmates on 3 colors and Mag R Blue Jeans 50ft down on riggers.  It should only get better as the water warms and sets up!!

Sorry I can't rotate this pic.....King caught on a 100 copper with a Mag Rv Moonshine Craigs Flounder this morning. Spring Kings are a blast!!

May 18,2019

Sorry about not doing a fishing report lately.  Boat was out of the water to repair a rear main seal leak. Took my wife out for a test and tune last night and fished for about 20 min straight out.  Water is starting to warm up finally. Set down in 50fow and checked for any water or oil leaks on motor after reassembling and installing----all good. We were marking suspended fish and started setting rods, release with 2 rods right away on the bottom with 8" Chrome Spin Doctor and Xmas tree spin-n-glo which went 2 more times before we pulled lines and ran in about 20min of fishing time. Got out to 67fow which was too deep because the water cooled off.  South of the Project lake trout fishing has been red hot 45 to 60fow.  Key to getting silver fish here is to get out of the east wind pattern we have been in. Looking at lake wide surface temps Wisconsin water is setting up like we should be at this time of the year----a couple of good SW winds are needed to flip the lake and the forecast looks better.  Kings are starting to show up and it will only get better.

A great time with a father and son birthday trip.  After getting their limit of trout in short order and a couple for the captain, changed over to all high lines and a speed troll to target kings.  We hit 1 screamer which came unbuttened and 4 more trout which we released.  Decided to quit so we wouldn't just be killing trout as we were at our limit.

May 5, 2019

Fishing is on fire for lake trout south of the Project in 55fow.  Some Kings are starting to show up. We need a strong sw wind. From Little Point south the water is warmer and we need to get it around the corner. Spin Doctors in Chrome and Trout Candy were hot for us yesterday with xmas tree and uv green tip spin-n-glos. Tried to stay out out of the trout and hit some kings speed trolling up to 3.5mph with 2 colors to 200 coppers and kept hitting and releasing trout on Moonshine RV mag Orange hulk, Blue Hulk and Flounder pounder. Had 1 possible king drive by on a 150 copper with a gold stinger Hot Jordo

A great crew on their anniversary. Now thats how you do it!!

April 30, 2019

Fishing has started in southern Lake Michigan. Looks like we can look forward to some big kings again this year, a 29.3lb king was caught in the Michigan City Pro/Am this weekend.  Coho fishing has been outstanding in East Chicago. St Joe is doing well for multi species catches and further north Lake Trout are doing well.

Ludington-lake trout fishing has been good 45 to 55fow south of the Project using Chrome Spin Doctors 8 and 10in Trout Candy, Dodgers with spin-n-glos and whirly gigs.  Reminder if you are fishing in front of the Project the bottom is full of cannon ball and diver eating rocks and you need to stay outside of 60fow.  The beach has been extremely muddy but on Saturday during the Brian MacDonald Memorial Brown Trout Tournament the north wind actually cleaned the water up enough to fish effectively. Browns, steelhead and lake trout were being caught on spoons and stick baits. 

I am working on getting links reset on this report and they should be functional soon.

Sept 18, 2018

Fishing is still good offshore.  2 and 3yr old kings are showing up to the south, 36s to the 38s and steelhead are good out deeper from the 39s to the 43's.  The bank is holding alot of coho in 60fow to just off the edge, best is from the bathhouse to the stick.  The coho are being caught on white slick spin doctors and paddles, Mtn Dew Spin Doctors and paddles with Pickeled Sunshine flies on riggers, divers and 150 to 300 coppers.  Moonshine Flounder Pounder was our best yesterday 50-55 down on a rigger.  Out in the deep water Yeck Blue Green Dolphin and Jerid, Moonshine Bloody Nose, Blue Hulk, Flounder Pounder, Crab Face have been very good. White Slick, Kevins Girlfriend with Pickeled Sunshine flies.

Aug 31, 2018

Fishing remains good despite all the blows we have had.  The 4000s have been good for steelhead, coho and still some mature kings being caught out deep, the water is warm so 300 to 400 coppers are doing well 200+ feet back on high divers 80 to 120ft on riggers.  The pond has been producing alot of fish this week using flies and spoons.  Spin Doctors 8 and 10in Mtn Dew, Black w/Crush and Tuxedo, Kevorkian, Chrome Mtn Dew, Yellow Sparkle with Strong Mtn Dew Flies, Pickeled Sunshine, Green Crinkles, Moonshine Glow Bloody Nose, BGP Flies.  Surprisingly plugs haven't been as good as they were but that can change.  Fishing the pond with small craft warnings forecasted be considerate with all of the boats, jigging has been good and a lot of boats are anchored and jigging.  Many fish still coming in just shy and topping 30lbs.

Aug 27, 2018

North blows, South blows, cooling water, warming water and washing machine lake temps and currents and Ludington is still maintaining some great fishing.  Especially offshore waters for mixed bag fishing opportunities.  Mature Kings are being caught out deep which is interesting compared to the past 4 to 5yrs when they weren't available any longer by this time!!  Steelhead numbers are picking up and if they hang around Ludington the fishery should continue to improve through the fall.  Lake Trout and younger Kings are showing up as well offshore providing increased catch numbers.  The best fishing has been staight out and south from the 36's into the 4000's and some guys have fished into the 5000's with success.  We have been getting some much needed rains for the river levels but they are pretty stained making fishing a little more difficult.  Chucking spawn and floating spawn, crankbait fishing and flies have been taking some fish on the PM River.

Aug 17, 2018

Been fishing the bank or out deep.  The bank has been fair to tough.  The troll has been very slow and to say speed over ground would be hard to say depending on the currents.  Right up on top, on the edge or around 150ft seems best.  Dancing Anchovy on 150 to 300 coppers has been good and Glow Bloody nose also.  Best Diver bites have been out of temp for me up high in the water column 110-15-ft back on highs and 85 to 90ft back on lows.  Dragon Slayer with a Green Mile Meat Rig and Yellow Bikini with a Gr Crinkle fly on highs.  Lows with Kevins Girlfriend and my most consistent rig fishing shallow water or off shore has been a 10" Green Crush with a BGP Moonshine Tri Fly.  Offshore 38.5 to the 42 line 00's to 04's have been speed trolling around 3.0mph and this has been working.  Best for me has been Glow Bloody nose on a high diver 110ft back, the 10' Green Crush spin doctor w/ the tri fly and dancing anchovy or coyote spoons on 150's to 300's.  Green Jeans has been getting better also. Fish have been in small pockets and either trolling straight for long distances or circling has been working.

Aug 9, 2018

Nothing has really changed.  The same water is remaining consistent but the speed is a slow troll.  If you don't get the speed or angle it can be a real tough bite. Yeck Purple Hamm and Blue Green Dolphins along with Fuzzy Blue Dolphins Modified are good on everything.  Also Moonshine Wonderbreads, 5 eyes have been good and Super Slim Wonderbreads.  Have been taking fish on Green Crush 10" Spin Doctors w/Moonshine Tri Flies in BGP and Green Jeans, also behind White Crush Spin Doctors.  Looks like some beautiful weather this weekend!!

Aug 5, 2018

Not counting today because hardly a boat is out due to high southerly winds, fishing is very good. It just isn't on the bank.  The bank is tough and mainly a flasher fly bite in white crush, white slick with pickeled sunshine flies. Now out deep is another story 38's to the 44's from at least the 52's to the 04's.  Everything is out there mature Kings, coho, steelhead, lakers and mixed age classes of kings.  White crush, white slick, Mtn dew, Chrome Mtn Dew and Yellow Sparkle Spin Doctors have been good on riggers, divers, Blood run 150-300ft coppers with pickeled sunshine flies.  Spoons mixed in are doing well also Our best has been Yeck Wart Frogs stacked, Purple Hamm Stacked on riggers, Mongollian Beef, Yeck Holographic Blue Dolphin on a 200 copper hass been very good-----funny thing about this spoon the last 3 trips is it can ride for hours w/o a bite then it starts going as fast as you can reset it???  Best speed for me has been 2.6 sog in all directions.  This warm water should keep the kings from running up the rivers this south wind is pumping in.  Mixed sizes of bait in fish and surprisingly seeing quite a bit of smelt, appears to be a monster hatch of smelt this year, some of the smaller fish are packed with smelt .5 to 1.5in in length.....this bodes well for the health of the lake and food for the young of the year bait.

Aug 1, 2018

Fishing has been fair to good depending on your outlook. On the bank the best bite surprisingly has been in the evening.  There are some monster fish being brought in...a 34.7lb fish was weighed in at Capt. Chucks Sunday and many 25 to 30lb fish have been caught.  Offshore fishing has been good, even more consistent than the bank. 34's to the 37's from the 58's to the 04's with kings of all sizes and ages, some coho, steelhead and lake trout in mainly the top 40fow.  The water and the current on the bank has been horrendous the last 3 days with warm water finally wrapping around the lake in a counter clockwise rotation bringing the warm water from Wisconsin moving south and then north along Michigans coast line.  Netminder, Mtn Dew, White Slick, Kevins Girlfriend, Yellow Sparkle, Showtime Spin Doctors with Pickeled Sunshine and Meat Rigs have been good on Divers and Coppers.  Spoons have continued to be good also Yeck Purple Hamm, Wart Frogs, Pearl Laser, White Rabbit have been good.  Moonshine Apple Seeds on a 200 copper has been a steady bait on the bank and out deep, Stripetastic on a 100 Bloodrun 32# copper has been good and on fixed sliders on a rigger 40ft down, Mean Jeans on Blood run 45# 200 copper has been good and taking bites on Blue Jeans with the warmer water.  With the warmer water 200 to 400 coppers are getting better and plugs are starting to go also. 

July 27, 2018

Water is still messed up/heavy currents, big waves, constantly changing thermalcline but fish are showing up and they are big!!!  Little Point to Manistee fish are being caught, coho are starting to show in better numbers but with the cold temps fish are jetting up the rivers.  Fshed north last night from 61ft to 1607fow. Best rod was a 200 copper with a Moonshine reg size Apple Seed. Also hit on riggers 40ft down w/ free slider Yeck wart frog, 60ft down Yeck Holographic Mag Blue Green Dolphin, 35ft Yeck Purple Hamm, 90ft back low wire Kevins Girlfriend with a Diabolical Highwayman Meat rig, 100 coppers w/ a gold blank Tangerine and a Yeck White Rabbit.  Other baits going Chrome Killer Spin Doctor, Blue Flounder.

50% landing percentage last night with some kids aboard in rough seas didn't help but they did put a 27.6lb fish in

July 24 2018

The water is really messed up!! No big deal really, we have Wisconsin water and Wisconsin has our's!!  Blame the winds.  Fishing is verty good!!  If You want big Kings???  You can catch Coho, Steelhead, Kings of all ages and Lake Trout out deep!!  Best water is 49's to the 52's and the 38's to the 41's.  Yes it is a long run but the fish are out there and so is the bait!!  My best today in the morning was gold spoons with anything orange on free sliders, w/mainlines 35 nto 40ft down.  Starrted oyutbreally good w/ Kevins Girl Friend w/ a Diabolical Meat Rig......Diabolical sent me some and I thought I would try them....WOW a great product, good hooks and great meat heads, the rest I will retye myself. Personnally I don't like the crimps on meat rigs but I have been runnning them for a coupkle weeks w/o any issues. Good quality product, I am impressed!!  Spoons after first light and tonight were very good. This morning .....Gold Blanks were awesome w/orange, Free sliders werer hot w/ mainlines 35 and 40ft down. Best baits were Yeck Holographic Tangerine, Bush Bean, Moonshine Stripetastic on riggers and sliders.  First bite in the morning was a high diver back 130ft w/Kevins Girlfriend and a Diabolical Meat Rig in a green color back 130ft and a Moonshine Mongollian Beef at 80ft.  The water is really screwed up due to winds since late May!! We have very ciold water and the warmer water is out deep. Thank all thge east winds in June and the NE winds so far in July.  We witnessed the water pulling back this morning but it is going to take some severe no way can we fish blows to fish or learn to fish the water we have.  Have seen this before but it has been along time in the past..... go deep!!!

July 16, 2019

Tournament week in Ludington and everybody is getting tight lipped.  Fishing has been pretty good for lake trout, kings are spread out, good steelhead out deep.  South in 100fow Lake trout fishing is very good using Spin Doctors w/ Whirly gigs and Spin n glos, cowbells and dodgers. The bank hasn't been on fire all week at all, even after the south blow surprisingly.  Trolled from 100fow yesterday in the 49's to the 41's and marked alot of fish all the way out.  Our best water was the 39.5 line from the 49's to the 52's which had the coldest water and the stablest break at 45ft down.  Further north the water became crystal clear, the current was ripping and the break was in waves from 50 to 50ft down. We did mark alot of bait and fish out deep and caught steelhead and kings.  Out deep we hit on riggers 55, 60 and 80ft down on Yeck Purple Hamm, Mag Blue Green Dolphin and Moonshine Flounder Pounder.  100 coppers with Monkey Shine and Moonshine Blue Jeans, 150 Copper Stinger Coyote, 200 coppers with Dancing Anchovy and Holographic Blue Green Dolphin.  Never hit on divers 3 colors or flat lines surprisingly, even though we saw fish on the surface in 71deg water 

July 9, 2018

Friday we had a north blow that cooled the bank down and on saturday fish were scattered to the south.  Fishing for trout was good 80 to 120fow from the 54's all the way to Little Point.  Spin Doctors in Chrome, Mtn Dew, Trout Candy, Chrome Mixed Veggie were good.  Whirly Gigs, Spin n Glos and Peanuts on Chrome Cowbells.  Green, Mtn Dew colored were good early then Pearl and Wonderbread colors were good later.  Copper Dodgers were good also.  A few kings are starting to be caught in PM Lake.  Starting to see good numbers of bait balls along the Ludington coastline and we should start to see better numbers of kings very soon.  The winds look better than what we have had and hopefully set the water up better.  There are some very nice kings showing up in the 20's and Manistee had a 35.5lb fish come in this weekend.

July 5, 2018

Fishing was tougher on the 4th and is slow again today.  Marking fish and bait but tough to get them going. Getting the right angle and speed seemed to be the key yesterday and today out deep because there are some nice boxes being brought in. The bank had a better bite going this morning than what it has been the last several days.  More 4yr olds starting to show up even out deep picking a few up.  Water is trying to set up in a summer pattern and once it stabilizes we should start whackin on a regular basis. Yeck White Rabbit, Copper Starburst, Blue Green Holographic Dolphin and Jerid; DW Supper Slim Wonder bread and Blue Jeans, Moonshine Tanners Treat.  Spin Doctors White Slick w/Pickeled Sunshine fly, Chrome NBK Mtn Dew w/Meat Rigs, Blue Bubble w/Blue Bubble Fly, 11" White Slick Paddle and Pickeled Sunshine Fly

July 3, 2018

After 3 weeks of mainly east winds, then a 3 day south blow that packed hot water along the bank we got some west yesterday.  The winds died down and the break is rising in the water column. 2 days ago we had a storm front roll through and in Manistique even with south winds blowing hard which should have warmed up the water evven more than they had it (break at 90ft down) over night the lake rolled and it went to 44deg on the surface, probably due to a seiche like Ludington and Manistee experienced a month and a half ago. The lake is trying to set up finally, the coho are leaving southern lake Michigan, our offshore fishery is starting to set up and fishing should get good here very soon.

We set up in the 34's today because our best line was 35.9 yesterday but we never hit a fish until 37.4 today and then it was a steady pick until the 40.5 line.  Best were 100 32# Bloodrun coppers with Blue Jeans, Jordo, Monkey Shine. Hit on 3 color with Yeck White Laser, 150 copper a Coyote, 200 Copper w/Dancing Anchovy and 250 copper w/ Moonshine Tanners Treat.  We couldn't get riggers to fire until we moved one from a 40ft lead to 125ft lead and it went twice with a Yeck Jerid down 40ft.  Only diver bite we had was a high set at 3.5 back 60ft with a Craigs Flounder. This water is holding fish from Pentwater to the 04's.

A good day aboard the RAPTOR after doing some exploring and finding a pocket of fish, caught a mixed bag of Steelhead, Kings, coho and a laker.

June 23, 2018

Sorry for not being prompt on reports, I had to go home and take care of firewood!!  Fishing is tough, not to pull any punches----after all the east winds we have had----speaking plain it is tough...  The last 4 days the wind has been east or north, the surprising thing it hasn't peeled the water.   The best fishing is off of Little Point and mainly trout.  I have fushed mainly the last couple of days 49's to the 46's and there is bait, trout on the bottom and suspended fish. Getting the suspended fish to go is the challenge.  The last several days for kings blue has been best----Moonshine Blue flounder, Dancing Anchovy, Blue Hulk on riggers 45-55ft down, 150-200ft Blood Run 45# coppers.  For trout the workhorse has been a DW 8" Mixed Veggie Chrome Spin Doctor with a XMAS Tree Spin-n-glo on a rigger on the bottom and a close 2nd is 8 or 10" Chrome Spin Doctor w/ a UV Green Tip Spin-n-glo on high divers. Today our best depth was 105 to 110fow.  Is this the June lull---personally I think it is the wind direction and things will change with sw winds starting Tuesday afternoon. Blow hard PLEASE!!  As in the past fish the pockets, the fish are on/off and on again---stick with them!!

June 15, 2018

Well its the weekend again and it is supposed to blow south SW. The good news is we need this wind to set up our water better.  Because of 4 days of east wind last weekend our water is just starting to set up again and a little bit of east wind over night is already flipping it back.  We still have alot of cold water out there and the lake is fragile yet.  Yesterday the bank 80-120fow was very good and today it is slow.  Bait has spawned and is dropping out of PM Lake and spreading along the shoreline.  The last couple of days blues have been very good. on coppers, rigers and divers.  Blue Bubble and Kevins Girlfriend in 8 and 10" Spin Doctors.  Yesterday a boat did well with Blue Bubble on a 3 color, kinda different out of the box thinking. Heard of some boats doing well in 250-280fow off of Pentwater.  South of the project 70-85fow has been best, this is where the bait is inside.  Fish are scattered but this water is holding some monster steelhead in the mid teens.  A 34.4lb King was caught out of Manitowoc this week, continuation of Monsters being caught in Lake Michigan.

JUNE 11, 2018

Fishing had been very good through Saturday but the east winds for days on end just blew away the water.  Saturday the best fishing was from the 07s north and 180fow to start out to 280 then the fish scattered.  The other problem is bait is in the harbors spawning and that puts less of a solid food source out in the lake and what is out there is scattered.  When the bait that is spawning drops out of the harbors the bite will fire up again.  We Also need some very hard South West winds to pack the warmer water near shore and set up the breaks off shore, right now the east spread the water out deep and the break is 20 miles off shore.  Baits that have been working well on 3 colors have been Stinger Monkey Shine and Yeck UV Orange Beetle, 100 Coppers our best has been Moonshine reg Green Shorts and on sliders as well.  200 coppers the Mag Green Shorts and Orange Slice.  Riggers 40-110ft down Sarge, Flounder Pounder, Mag Green Jeans and Mongollian Beef w/Stripetastic sliders as well.  Divers were good with low divers out 180ft -200ft back with Mag green Jeans and a 10"Kevins Girlfriend and Green Mile meatrig and highs with Blue Hulks 100-230ft back.

Had a great day aboard the RAPTOR on Saturday with some hometown people and a young lady first time salmon fishing.

Hamlin lake is very good for pike right now.  Went pike trolling with Blue Fox 3/4oz Spinner baits with green trailers yesterday. The best was Chartreuse and white skirts and green and black skirts with silver blades.  The Brass blades were not as good.  Came back to the marina and cleaned and had a fresh pike dinner, awesome!!

June 8 2018

Fishing has been good for several days now out of Ludington.  We have cold water and warm water is surging back and forth with the winds.  Yestertday a liitle sw wind loaded warm water on the bank and it warmed up 140fow-170fow was good and the bite was steady.  Today we started in 200fow on a NW troll and it was on fire for 20min and the bite slowed down. 200fow to 220 was best in the beginning from 04 to the 05's after the morning onslaught 05's 250 to 270fow was best.  Some guys were picking in 120fow to 160fow.  Moonshine Green Shortys on 100 coppers and sliders! Moonshine Stripetastic on Sliders! Mongollian Beef, Flounder Pounder, Mag Gr Jeans, JJ Mac 40,50,60, and 80ft down were popping as fast as you could get them in the water.  Stinger SOG on a High Diver 100ft back.  Some anglers were catching fish deep on White Slick Paddles and a Mirage Fly 110ft down.  Free slidetrs with Moonshine Stripetastic were very good and 200 coppers with Orange Slice and Mag Green Shoorts. 3 colors with Stinger Monkey Shine and Yeck UV Orange Beetle were awesome first thing then the fish went deep today and slowed doiwn because they were full of bait.



June 6 2018

Want options instead of running several miles north of the Point.  Set down in the 47's 131fow couldn';t get riods in then it was over???  Went into 100fow---out to 140fow no bites???---- headed into less than 100fow??? trolled north into the 49's and it was a steady pick 90 to 95fow  2 riggers 35 and 50ft down Moonshine Mongollian Beef----then the riggers shut down and 200 Blood Run Copper with Moonshine Mag Half Moon Orange Slice and a 100 Copper w/ Moonshine Green Jeans were ticking steady from the 49.2 to the 52.5 line on a north troll at 3.1sog in 95 to 100fow. Tough pick tonight but got it done!

Had a grerat time with this couple and ended early after a great start then lost the fish----they moved north and in---we finally found them again and knocked off a 2 man limit.  The lady was great on the rods but doesn't eat fish??? Say What.  God I hae fun with my guests aboard the RAPTOR CHARTERS!!

June 6, 2018

Beautiful day on the water and fish were biting steady.  Best was just south of Pentwater and north of Big Point from the 06's to the 10's.  Started out in 100fow and slid out to 409fow.  Best water was 250-290fow for us at 3.1sog.  # Color w/Monkey Shine, 100copper w/Moonshine Green Jeans and Agent Orange, 200 Copper with Moonshine Orange Slice and riggers down 40 and 50ft with Orange Slice Stacked with Stripetastic and Dandee Randee.  80ft down with Yeck Mag Blue Green Dolphin was good.  Only 2 rotator bites---200ft back on Custom Blue Chrome w/Blue Fairways and Yellow Sparkle back 165ft on High Divers.

Good fishing today with the wild bunch!!! They were trying to take the dumbest crew award on the RAPTOR, yet they failed may be tied for 3rd place though.

June 5, 2018

Today is a hard north blow 4-6foot waves.  The Little River Band set 2 assessment nets today in the 55,s 100fow and 150fow--Don't panic these are only graded assessment gill nets to be in place for 24hrs.  They will be pulling them tomorrow, then moving them near shore and setting 2 more next week in the 51's. You can fish over the top of these nets but you can't pound for trout without hanging up.  As I get the numbers from the LRB I will post the nets and results of the assessments.  They are trying to assess whitefish, lake trout and cisco.

June 4, 2018

Fishing has gotten tougher,.  Fishing is strill good but you need to pick A piece of water!!  Wish I ciould give a better forecast but have to be honest.  :Ludingtonton is tougfh!!!  But there is good fishing, It is in pockets.  Been here before over the years, the water is messed up with the prevailing winds!!  Our best water today was in the 46's and 48's.....150 to 130fow for silver fish at a fast troll...3.1 sog or faster. The problem was we started in 44.0 degree water in the 32's and angled in to warmer water and couldn't get rods in fast enough... then the bite was over!!  Moon phase??  Been there done that a hundred times.  Next 3 weeks leave early for kings then run out deep for fish!!  Steelheald amd kings??? The water is trying to set up, bait is coming into the harbor on time!!  Our best today was Mongollian Beef down 40ft, Moonshine Moonshine stacked 10ft above a Yeck Mag Blue Green Dolphin at 80ft then a DW Yellow Sparkler 110ft back on a high diver/ Mtn Dew Fly.,  Sorry people but the truth is put your shit down and troll in circles.  Find a pocket fish and fish it.  Because of the winds the water is really screwed up.... warm, cold, warm., cold...take your pick!! I found warmer water on my probe in the colder water than under the warmer surface temp water for example The good news is bait is showing up, in near shore waters and deep offshore and the pier head or the basin of PM Lake and fish of variable size have bait and bugs in them..   This is nothing new for June!!  Fishing is good but it is tough---find a pocket and stay with it ----it only might be a 1 square mile?? If that is where the bait and fish are stay there??  Our best baits in the last couple of days have been a Moonshine Moonshine stacked over a Blue Green Holographphic Blue Dolphin 80ft dow, then a DW Yellow Sparkle w/Mtn Dew FDly 110ft back on a high diver Also hit fish on 150 copper with Gold Tangerine, 200 copper and a coyote, 60ft down on a Moonshine Veggie, 3 color Yeck UV orange Beetle.  Today started out great with a Mongollian Beef reg size down 40ftt.  The point is the water is mixed up.... read the water, and fish the pockets.  I would love to give everyone specific boundaries to fish but the water is moving so much with the winds, it's by guess by golly in a way??  Fishing is good but WHEN YOU LAND ON THEM STAY THERE!!  Fish the pockets!!

May 28, 2017

Fishing is very good from Little Point to Manistee. Kings, steelhead and some coho are showing up also. Fish are biting all presentations riggers, high cores and coppers, divers, spoons, meat, rotators and flies.Kevins Girlfriend with Green Mile Meat rig, Chrome Mtn Dew with UV on ice, Blue Bubble w/Lions Den meatrigs on divers and riggers. Yeck Mag Blue Green Dolphin down 80ft, Moonshine JJ Mac 65ft down have very good on riggers. a 3 color with Yeck UV Orange Beetle was very good taking Kings and Steelhead, 100 copper with a fireball.  High Divers 100ft to start the morning and then dropping back to 180-200ft with Chrome Blue Custom and Blue Fairways fly and Yellow Sparkle were good.  We fished 51's to 47's and started out in 100fow taking a few fish but then moved out to cold water in the 34's and it was game on.  Today fish are being caught in the 36's also.

Enjoyed a Great morning with the Bolton family with beautiful weather and some pretty snappy fishing in 190fow.

May 26, 2018

South winds cranked up fishing.  Little Point is on fire but you don't have to make the run for great fishing. Project south 150-160fow was very good for Kings and Steelhead. 3 colors with Monkey Shine, 100 coppers with Yeck Fire Ball and Jaeger Bomb, and Moonshine Agent Orange, High Diver back 165ft with Yellow Sparkle and Strong Mtn Dew Fly, Low wire 150ft 10" Kevins Girlfriend and Green Mile meatrig. Riggers 40, 52, 80 fish hit both main and stacks----Moonshine Mace Face, Moonshine Moonshine, Veggie and JJ Mac. My best speed was 2.9. Get out while the fishing is hot!!

May 23, 2018

Ludington has had a lot of east winds which makes fishing tough.  Fishing slowed down the last couple of days after a great stretch of fast lake trout fishing and kings showing up.  The good news is 5 scheduled days of south to sw west winds which should move the water and fish back in.  Our best water has been the 53's and the 55's for both lakers and kings in 70fow.  Fish have been caught out to 200fow but yesterday after 3 days of east winds out deep was cold, black water 41.4 degrees  The Point has been holding some fish and bait and hopefully stacks up for the holiday.  With the cold water spoons for kings has been good.  Coyote, Jaeger Bomb, Monkey Shine, Goldilocks and Steelie Stomper from 2 colors to 150ft 45# Bloodrun copper.  For lakers 8 & 10in Chrome Spin Doctors with Clown, UV Green Tip, Wonderbread and Blue w/glo wing Spin-n-glos have been good, also Moonshine Wonderbread, and Glow Bloody nose Dodgers.  Les Davis Chrome Cowbells have been good on a rigger. Saugatuck to Grand Haven is on fire for Kings right now but the south winds should move fish north and in from the deep water.  Get ready for good action for this Holiday weekend!

May 13, 2018

Fishing was a little tougher on mothers day but water was flat and bright sun.  Our best water was 54s and 55s in 70 to 80fow for silver fish and lakers.  We hit fish on Moonshine Sarge down 40ft, Yeck Yeager Bomb Gold Blank on 100ft Bloodrun coppers were good and a 3 color with a Stinger Monkey Shine. For trout a rigger with Chrome Les Davis Cowbell and green peanut and 8" Chrome Spin Doctor and UV green tip Spin-n-glo.  Kings and coho are starting to show up and the water is starting to warm up and a couple of degrees from bait starting to show and then we will be game on like the southern ports.  This is normal, historical fishing around the lake.  What is unbelievable, unreal and exciting is the size of the kings being caught.....are we going to break 40 pounds again this year or multiple 40 pounders?  Unheard of kings this year being caught just ounces shy of 30lbs.  You better make sure your line is fresh, your drags work smooth because these fish are tearing things apart!!  I'm looking forward to placing my order at Bloodrun Tackle for fresh copper, wire diver line, and flourocarbon line for leaders at 30#, 30# Rigger mainline and their strong treble hooks.

May 12, 2018

Fishing in the southern ports is on fire, big Kings and coho are being caught. Kings are showing up in better numbers in Ludington, the water is slowly warming up, we just need some bait.  Kings are being caught at the pier head, and straight out and south 70 to 100fow.  Fishing was tougher yesterday than it has been but the difference noticed, the lakers were full of Gobies. Mtn Dew Spin Doctor was our best bait on a low wire with a Mtn Dew Spin-n-glo and a Les Davis Chrome Cowbell set on a rigger was working well and taking our bigger fish. 100 coppers were working well with Gold blank spoons like Tangerine, Jordo, and a Yeck Fireball took some shots.

May 6, 2018

Fishing in Ludington is on fire right now!  Go get a very quick limit of lakers and then try for Kings that are starting to show up or go to the beach and fish for Browns where you will have the opportunity to catch Kings also or coho or steelhead.  On both trips on Saturday Laker fishing was extremely fast with 8" and 10" Chrome, Chrome Mtn Dew, Chrome Blue Bubble Spin Doctors on high and low divers, on the other side of the boat with Moonshine Dodgers in Mongollian Beef and Wonderbread.  Both sets had UV green tip and fire tiger Spin-n-glos. Best on a rigger was a Rhys Davis Chrome Cow Bell. 150 and 200 coppers were doing very well with NEW for this year Moonshine Apple Seeds and Mean Jeans.  Orange Hulk was very good in the morning. South of the Project was our best water 50fow in the am and the same in our first pass in the afternoon. On our second pass through that depth in the afternoon 50fow was slow, kicked it out to 57-65fow and the action picked right up again. The water has alot of whiteish water from the storms beating on the clay banks and it is best to stay out of the clay water.  As the water warms, more and more kings will start to show up and they are big. Polecat brought in a 24.5lb stud of a king---good job!


Great groups morning and afternoon yesterday. In the afternoon it would have been really fast if the guy with the BORED shirt on could land fish but he was nice and let his girlfriend show him how it's done!

April 27, 2018 has turned around for central Michigan and boats are going in the water and anglers are starting to get some fishing in.  Yesterday was a beautiful day on the lake, except for the frost and ice that was on my downrigger board until 8:30am.  Started in the 56,s in 41fow on a SW troll and picked up a quick double of trout.  After getting all the rods in w/o any more bites turned back north and took another trout.  Decided to head south of the Project, got to the 53's and marked a ton of fish and several wads of bait and only picked up another fish.  Once we got to the 52's the bite was steady, still marking fish and several wads of bait.  The bite turned on about 10am.  Best rods were 200ft Bloodrun coppers with Moonshine Orange Hulk and Yeck fireball, 1 bite on a 150 copper yeck Wartfrog.  High and low divers were doing well with 8 & 10in Chrome Spin Doctors and Green Glow Whirlygigs and UV Green Tip Spin n glos, also Yeck Trash Can Dodger w/ Clown Spin Glo.  2 rigger bites with Chrome Mixed Veggie 8in Spin Doctor and Whirlygig. 2 fish were empty and the rest had gobies and smelt in them, that's why the coppers were doing so well. Best bite was 55fow but we hit fish as shallow as 41ft and out to 67fow.  After the north blow on Wednesday it was very hard to fish the 56's to the 54's, non stop cleaning of divers, loaded with grass, reeds, sticks, etc., water to the south was more stained but didn't have to contend with the garbage to the north. Water temps from 37.1 to 39.4deg.

Had a geriatric crew enjoying a good day on the water aboard the RAPTOR, capturing a nice box of Lakers

March 7, 2017

Fishing is taking off around the lake already.  Down south East Chicago has been on fire for Coho and pushing east to Gary Light.  Michigan City is slower for coho but but has been pretty good for Browns.  Ludington Browns are picking up, with a few coho being caught also in the mix.  Lakers are being caught near shore around the lake, southern ports are on fire.  It's time to get ready and go fishing for the spring bite and get some cold water tasty fillets.

Feb 19, 2018

WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR OF FISHING!!!  It's time to think hard about getting the boat ready, buying and repairing equipment.  Getting in on hard learned lessons given by great pros and recreational anglers learned by the school of hard knocks.  Next weekend at BASS PRO in Auburn Hills on both Sat and Sun Feb 2/24 &25 I will be giving seminars on bait fish movement and water movement on the Great Lakes and Inland Lakes.  Understanding these 2 components will help you make confident decisions on where and how to fish.  Both Seminars are @ 1:30pm, they are free and hope to see you there and be ready to ask questions.  The ecology of the lakes are changing and the decisions we make effect our success as anglers---get the latest knowledge to help you make those critical decisions before even leaving the dock!!  





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