Fishing Report

Sept 12, 2017

Muskegon River was treated with TFM to kill Lamprey larvae.  Unlike the Manistee River last year, the river temps were cool enough and had "NO" observed effects on fish.  Treatment is a catch 22 which needs to be maintained in order to keep Lamprey numbers in check and preserve our fishery.

Fishing has been very tough along the entire coastline of Michigan.  After east winds for almost 3 weeks the lake flipped placing very cold water along the shoreline and hot water offshore pushed down 90-100ft.  At least in Ludington there is a ton of bait and it is spread out for miles.  Fish are scattered also but the wind forecast looks promising to change the water conditions.  It is time for steelhead to start to concentrate offshore and the younger classes of salmon to put the feed bag on for winter.  The fish are in very good condition, fat and healthy.  We just need the water to set up better and fishing should improve.  We also need to have a westerly wind dominate period like last fall and winter to maintain our bait and fish for next year.  2014 natal Chinook numbers appeared to have an increase and returns should be better next year.  Bait numbers have rebounded nicely with the improved water levels and nutrients flowing into the lake.  Coho survivability has shown much improvement and returns to the weir at the Platte is encouraging.  The MDNR has taken into consideration of making movement of coho during next years planting schedule of fish downstream from current planting locations to improve survival rates, avoiding the "predator pit" of pike, walleye, bass and birds.  Despite tougher fishing than we would like to see, the future looks better---much of the prtoblems we have faced are due to cyclical weather patterns in the past.  Drought conditions in 2009 thru 2012 caused low river water levels and low nutrient flow into Lake Michigan affecting bait and slamon production levels.  Cold winters also had a negative effect.  The MDNR has had to learn how to contend with these conditions and have made some mistakes.  Their methods and studies are slow to react but they are now starting to listen and showing "some" improvements.  The future looks brighter--better lake trout management, improvents in fish planting locations, zonal management, increased bait fish numbers, strong healthy fish, good winds and stable lake conditions will continue to prove our fishery is not dead!  It is different but not over!

Sept 6, 2017

Not much to report due to continual winds and small craft advisories.  Wish we could get rid of the northerly winds but we are getting towards fall and 2 hurricanes back to back is not helping.  Would love to get offshore and look for younger age classes of Kings and Steelhead. 

Aug 31, 2017

Fish being caught offshore 36's to 42's 52's north to the 05's.  Mixed bag fishing and occassionally hitting mature kings out there still.  Break has been down around 80ft.  Riggers and 300 to 450ft coppers have been good we/riggers 65 to 110ft down.  Spoons have definitely been my best, Yeck wart Frogs, M&M Glow.  Moonshine Atomic Melon reg and mag RV was very good yesterday.  Blue Jeans Mag down 110ft.  Supposed to be blowing NE, hopefully it cools the water down overnight.

Aug 28,2017

Even though alot of fish are running up the rivers now there is still good fishing out there. The steelhead should be showing up in better numbers offshore and among them will be younger kings, coho and trout.  Still some big kings showing up out deep and coho yet.  Before the high winds the last 2 days on saturday trolled out to the 41's in the 54's.  Our best water was the 38.5 line, break was 65ft down.  Fish were caught from the 49's all the way north to the 09's.  300 coppers with Raspberry carbon mag was our best.  Good also were Yeck M&M Glow on sliders, and Wart Frogs.  Diver w/Kevins Girlfriend 140ft back w/Gr Mile.  Another boat was whacking fish on Watermelons.  Green Jeans on Main Line and 200 coppers hit some fish and 150ft copper with Wart Frog went also.  Looking fwd to getting back out deep tomorrow morning with light winds.

Still getting big silver Kings yet even though the rivers are loading up.  You can make a combo river lake trip and have good success on both.

Aug 25, 2017

Fishing was pretty tough today following the blow and the east winds didn't help.  I started in 95fow and the amount of bait was ridiculous.  The best bite was 130fow south of the Project but it was over in minutes and the fish moved out to 200+fow.  The bank was really good for a couple of anglers but others struggled.  Typical story when the water is mixed up and not stable.  Check the buoy temps, up and down--unstable.  Amazing for August but today was a weak Plug bite but spoons were good.  Yeck Wart frog on rigger mains, Stacks and coppers.  Moonshine Carbons, and Green Jeans.  Spin Doctors on riggers, coppers and divers. 150-240ft on highs and 85 to 160ft on lows, yes fish are all over the water column.  Glow blade Green tape, Kevorkian, Kevins Girlfriend, Yellow Sparkle, White Slick w/Pickeled Sunshine flies, Green Mile, UV on Ice, Pickeled Sunshine Meat rigs.  Fish were caught out deep, all the way into the 4000's.  Find a pocket and stay on them until our weather stabilizes, the storm going through Texas isn't helping

Aug 22, 2017

Fishing remains good despite the water warming up and pushing down.  130fow continues to be good first light and then pushing off 160-200fow.  Mag spoons Moonshine Glow Bloody Nose, Spitfire, Raptor are working well on riggers and coppers60-85ft down and 200-450ft coppers, Yeck Wart frogs still a very good go to spoon also.  Fixed sliders and free sliders are working.  Divers with Spin Doctors using Meat and Flies 180ft-300ft on highs and 100-160ft on lows, and coppers also.  Despite the warm water fish are being caught high out of temp.  Plugs on riggers and coppers are taking fish.  Best plugs for me have been DW Captains choice Zebra and Green J-Plugs.  Spin Doctors and 8" Paddles in Kevorkian, Netminder, Blue Bubble, Froggy, Keins Girlfriend and white slkick w/Pickeled Sunshine Flies and Meat rig, UV on Ice, Green Mile, Green UV, Blue Moo Meat rigs.  The bank has not been steady fishing but from Little Point to the Project has been very consistent.  We have a strong blow today and tomorrow NW to North but will it be enough to cool the water down by Thursday or Friday.  It is getting to be time for the fish to run no matter the water temps.  2 and 3yr olds are starting to show up in good numbers, hope this con tinues into September making for a good fall fishery, a little cooler water will bring the steelhead back in close also 

Aug 15, 2017

Fishing has been tougher after the blow and fish are moving around alot. Speed is another critical issue, especially on the bank.  The current slowed down, the water cooled off with the calm winds and the bait scattered.  Mornings the south water has been best and the afternoons the bank has been good.  First thing in the morning Zebra Captain Choice and Ace Hi have been hot on riggers 55 and 60ft down and a 250 copper. 8in white slick paddle wpickeled Sunshine fly has been good along with Mtn Dew and Fly.  High Divers Kevins Girlfriend w/Pickeled Sunshine fly or Meatrig, White Slick w/Pickeled Sunshine Fly or a white meatrig has been good.  Riggers, coppers 150-300 coppers Yeck Verdict, Moonshine Green Jeans and Shorts and Glow Bloody Nose have been good also.  120fow to start in the south water and moving out to 140 to 160fow has been working after the sun comes up.  Mtn Dew w/Mtn Dew, and Chrome Spin Doc w/ Green Spn n glos have been good for trout.


Big fish are still coming in. Pictured here a 25.4lb caught on a Zebra Plug and a 32.2lb caught on a Glow 8in Spin Doc and Pickeled Sunshine fly.

Aug 12, 2017

Today is mighty blowy from the north, we have a lot of warm water and this might not cool things down.  The fishing has been toughe n  r for most with the hot water.  The currents are extremely strong and getting the speed at the ball has been the critical issue.  Smoking hot going north and south troll at the point very hard to pull fish.  South water has been holding fish still catching coho and steelhead mixed in with kings in that hot water, they are there probably because of the quantity of bait.  140-160fow has been good.  White Paddles right off the bottom, Zebra colored Plugs Ace Hi and Captains Choice 150ft down was very good yesterday.  Still taking fish on 150 and 200 coppers in the hot water.  Plugs and spoons, Meat on coppers are going.  High divers 180ft to 300ft back and lows 120 to 200ft back.  Kevins Girlfriend, Kevins Mistress, Dragon Slayer, Blue Bubble, Kevorkian with Meat Rigs have been good Green Mile, Squid Meatrigs, UV on ice.  Plugs---Cut face and J-Plug style are working, Green Ladder Back, Gr Splatter, Zebra, Pinky.  Lotsa big fish still available 

Aug 7, 2017

Gale force winds on fri messed the water up, but the lake is correcting and rolled yesterday.  Warm water rolled in close to shore and the cold water is offshore now, the opposite of what it has been for at least 3 weeks.  King fishing is picking up and the coho and steelhead fishing is very good and with the warm water the trout have moved back in.  Spin Doctors w/Meat rigs and flies have been very good.  Mtn Dew w/Blue Bubble flies are very good.  Green Sparkle w/Gr Mile Meat rig on high divers 100-170ft back.  Kevins Girlfriend and Showtime or Net Mibnder have been good.  Spoons are doing very well Gr Jeans, Green Shorts, Blue Jeans, Copper Jordo, Gold Jordo, Blue hulk, Green and Blue Verdict.  Plugs are taking fish early and late in the day.  Full moon period fishing has been good later in the morning and early in the afternoons.


Nice mixed bags.  Have been fishing the coldest water outside and staying on the coho and steelhead bite and picking up some juvenile kings.  Some walleye captains from Lake Erie did well and didn't cause too many catastrophies this year including landing an 18.84lb steelhead on a Green Sparkle w/Green Mile Meat rig

July 31, 2017

The last north winds pushed the fish south of Little Point to Muskegon--the water is much colder down there.  We have cold water here but not as cold.  Fish have been caught going in and out of the pier head and the PM Lake.  Fish are scattered and in small pockets.  We need a SW blow but not in the forecast.

Todaythe Little River Band is setting test nets (LWAP NETS) south of Little Point on the 36 line in 40-80fow and 100-140fow.  These are rough guesses to where they will be placed.  These are only 24hr test nets.  If they have time they will set in the 46's just south of Pentwater but my guess is they will get to these tomorrow.

July 29, 2017

Fishing remains good but after 2 days of north winds it is slowing down a little and fish are in smaller pockets.  We need a SW blow. Fishing was good north of the point yesterday but slower today.  Fishing remains good south of Ludington from the 54's to the 46's.  The break at the ball was really pushing out deep and the inside water was cooling off because of the deep water currents.  Green Jeans, Green Shorts, and Yeck Gold Tangerine on 3 colors to 200 coppers have been really good.  Stacked wart frogs and Naked Jordos on riggers from 25-40ft down.  Mongollian Beef has been going in the morning first thing and plugs on riggers and high coppers.  If plugs aren't going then changing them right away to spoons.  Best rotators have been Kevins Girlfriend and Green Sparkle on high divers 60-90ft back.


July 27, 2017

Fishiung really picked up after the SW blow yesterday.  I was amazed that the break along the bank was only 45-50ft down.  Riggers at 40-45ft, High divers 100 to start and 150ft at the end, lows at 85ft back and 100 to 250ft Blood Run Copper were on fire.  140-150fow first thing was on fire and it stepped out deeper as the morning progressed to 180fow.  150ft copper w/Gr Ladder Back J Plug was on fire, 200 copper w/ DW Captain Choice GR Splatter Back was hot and a Ace Hi Gr Squiggly down 40ft was very very good.  Also hit on Mongollian Beef dpown 45ft, 250ft copper with Blue Hulk and Blue Knight.  High Divers w/ Yellow Sparkle w/ Mtn Dew fly and A Kevins Girlfriendn with a Squid Teaser Rig was very good.  White Paddle on a Low wire back 85ft and rigger down 70ft took fish.  Best water for us this am was 1/2 mile north and south of the point.  The 54's to the 49's on a 180degree troll in 120fow was very very good this am also.

Fun aboard the RAPTOR despite some serious tangles some lost fish----it was a great crew and the captain got to yell and treat them like family---they didn't care and yelled back!!!

July 26, 2017

Fiushing was really up--a whack fest then the winds changed and fishing became tougher.  fish are scattered and the water keeps changing because the winds are not stable.  Good catches are still being caught with great quality fish.  Big Kings, huge coho and some monster Steelhead.  The south winds today are bringing back warm water which we need because the bait was piled up on shore and in the pier heads following the north blow.  Spoons in regular and mag sizes are working well Green Shorts, Blue Hulk, Green Jeans, Yeck Wart Frogs and Candy Corn.  Spin Doctors and Paddles with Flies and Meat Rigs.  Kevin Girl Friend and Mistress, Green Sparkle, Yellow Sparkle, Blue Bubble, Net Minder.  Plugs are taking off also J Plugs in Mother of Pearl and Green Ladder Back, Ace Hi Splatter Back, Dbl Glo.


July 21, 2017

As I mentioned in earlier posts--after the tournament this year fishing will light up.  Well it was on fire today.  From the bank to Little Point fishing is on.  Mtn Dew, Yellow Sparkle, Green Sparkle and NBK Spin Doctors with flies and UV Gasoline and Green Mile.  Spoons are hot, Moonshine Sarge, Blue Hulk, 1/2 moon Green Jeans, Flounder Pounder. Yeck Wart Frog, Water melon, Candy Corn, Orange, Blue Verdict.  Limits of Kings, Coho and Steelhead from 80 to 170ow was good today.


Polecat and hattrick had great mornings limiting out there 4 and 2 man/ crews.  Great Job capts.

July 20, 2017

The water was really moving today and warming the bank up and this pushed the fish off.  Later in the morning bait was starting to show up in the warm water, hopefully this sets it up and loads it with fish.  There are options to fish out of Ludington.  South of the Project a mixed bag is being caught Mature Kings, Coho, Steelhead, Lakers and some younger class kings are showing up in 150fow.  Also out in the 34's in the 01's and 02's.  Fish are loaded with bait and they are big. and healthy.  Plugs first thing in the morning are taking.  With the cold water we had 25-30ft down to start has been good. Spoons and Spin Doctors and flies have been best with some meat rig bites.


Fishing is improving with the warmer water rolling into Ludington.  Bad angle on this big King caught on the RAPTOR 27.8lbs on Glow Spin Doc with Green Tape and Pickeled Sunshine down 100ft, also hanging behind this young man is a 27.0lber caught on Green Splatter Back DW Captains Choice Plug

July 17,2017

North blow yesterday cooled the water down along the shore and the bank was ice this am.. 04's 120-150fow was good first thing this morning and you could stay and pick at them the rest of the morning.  We turned out to find the edge of the warm water and the 34.6 line all the way to the 58's had a 14 degree break at 40ft, 44deg on the east side and 58 on the west.  58's and 59's the water was really starting to set up, whirlpools, foam and current.  Plugs on riggers and 60-`100ft coppers going well.  Green Ladder Back and Gr Splatter backs were best in DW Captain Choice.  Black Paddle and Pickeled Sunshine fly 100-150ft down was good w/60ft lead off the ball.  Best rod was a 150ft copper with a Yeck Wart Frog.  40 down Mongollian Beef and 200 copper with Flounder Pounder went also.  The water color along the bank is very dirty, couldn't believe it when a diver disappeared 2ft down.  The north beat the shore up bad but could still pick fish out of it.

Boys had a great time wackin some big kings.  They are a little lively in the cold water!!

July 15, 2017

Pro Am Tournament started today so reports will begin again.  Fishing really improved for silver fish the last few days.  Some big boxes are coming in of mixed bags of Kings, coho, Steelhead and Lakers. Kids and Ladies tournament yesterday and the winning box in Ladies was 86lbs.  Monster box considering that you can't have more than 3 Kings.  Spoons, Meat, Flies are taking fish.  Moonshine Green shorts is on fire on coppers, and riggers on sliders.  Green Jeans, Rasperry Carbon, Flounder Pounder and Yeck Verdict has been popping really well.  Black w/Green Tape and Carbon 14 Spin Doctors with Pickeled Sunshine flies on divers and Coppers. Yesterday for our Ladies the only diver and Meat bites we had were high divers 140 or 220ft back with Green Sparkle Spin Docs and Squid Meat rigs.  Plugs are really starting to cook now also.  Moonshine Mongollian Beef, Splatter backs, Ace Hi Black Ladder Backs are doing really well on 7 color lead cores to 300 coppers. Good Luck Tournament boats.

July 11, 2017

Remember to show up at Lake Street Marina Wed evening starting at 5:00pm to get info on our fishery.  The MDNR has stocking proposals for the next couple years.  The GLSI can talk about some of the ideas that are out there but we can not show them because it has to go through the process first.  Sign up for a GLSI membership or buy a shirt to show your support in support of saving our fishery. 

Tournament week in Ludington so reports and info are nil. Trout fishing remains good and silver fish are starting to show up in better numbers---not great yet.  If I post reports noone talks to me, plus I am fishing the RUBOY and Ladies Tournament and might have a few secrets.  I also hit something in my settings and couldn't get my program to work but figured it out

There are some monster trout being caught, shown here a 23.2lb Laker caught on the PUNISHER---400 copper with a 1/2lb weight down the shoot I call the Polish Downrigger, w/reg RV Blue Jeans.  This was an on the water seminar so it wasn't about catching fish but learning to target silver fish.  We had many things to contend with, full moon period, tons of bait and warm water and lotsa big hooks in the bait but they weren't biting.  Should have left the dock at 3:30am.

July 2, 2017

Fishing has been very good for trout.  A few other species are being picked up.  The best water today was the 55's to the 59's. 100 to 170fow.  Smaller trout are in the 100fow range and larger trout are out deeper. Current is still very strong, hopefully the north wind the next 2 days slows it down and cools the water down a tad.  There is a ton of bait and the fish have been chowing down. Talked to a couple guys last night that did very well on a south troll but this morning the north troll was best.  Wire divers with Spin Doctors--our best was Greasy Chicken w/Orange Spin n glo and Blue Chrome NBK w/ Blue Spin N Glow on top of a squid. Rigger with a Mixed Veggie and Green Tip UV Spin n glo was good.  Cowbells and Moonbells are taking fish also off of riggers.  Afternoon bites have been very very good.

Had a good time this morning and they were a big help with some of the tangles that we encountered. Not to mention some great eater size trout.

June 30, 2017

Water is very warm after the blow this week but trout fishing is very good.  There is a ton of current so like last weekend less is more to avoid tangles.  Divers with Chrome Spin Doctors and Spin n Glos and DW Whirley Gigs are working very well.  Plugs are starting to take off on 300-450 coppers.  From the 59's to the 54's 115 to 170fow has been very good.

June 29, 2017

On Wednesday July 12th during the sign up for the Ruboy Thursday Tournament at Lake Street Marina, the old Abrahamsons Marina the GLSI will hold a question answer session.  We will have a power point presentation to show data that has been compiled from info provided by the MDNR and USGS. The marina also has slips available during the Ludington Tournament and can be contacted 616-432-8702. Hope you can attend this presentation if you have questions or comments about the future of our fishery or the GLSI.

Looks like we are going to get some stable and fishable weather for the 4th.  The lake was starting to set up before this last blow and this has definitely shaken up the lake. But with calmer weather forecasted it is time to get out and plan some fishing trips!

June 25, 2017

Fishing remains very good straight out. Tons of bait and tons of fish.  Yesterday afternoon we were running a mixed program, 2 riggers with Moonbells, Cowbells, Spindoctors w/peanuts, spin n glos, or spin n glos w/flies or squids. High divers with DW Closer and UV Gasoline, Kevins Girlfriend w/Gr. Mile meatrigs and Bloodrun Copper 250-300's with spoons. 250 w/Moonshine Honeypot went a couple of times and 300 wBlue Flounder went. Hit several kings in 95fow in the 58's. Best depth for trout was 70-85fow.  We were really struggling to get bites for a while when other boats were hitting. The current is horrible and once we found an angle for our speed on the boat the bite was very very good. Pulled the high divers w/ meatrigs and went to spin doctors. We hit fish on Dbl Chrome, Greasy Chicken, Mixed Veggie, and Blue NBK on the divers. Riggers with Moonshine Yellow Tail and Atomic Melon Moonbells and a set of Chrome Willow Leaf Cowbells were doing very well. Pounding the mud for trout can be some hard work under normal conditions but straight out is much harder because of the clumps of mussel shells that are getting on the lines behind the divers. You have to keep them clean in order to get the best bite.  The turns are very tricky causing tangles with coppers into divers so a thin spread is more effective to stay on fish---less is definetely more in this case. Our best angle was NE/SW from top of the 58's to 00's trying to stay inside of 90fow.

Great group of "KIDS" last night aboard the RAPTOR. Daughter brought her boyfriend??? 3rd one I have ever met---yes he's still alive!! And another couple she grew up with. Dad was under pressure to put fish in the box and was not enjoying the slow start but we got it figured out. The guy in the black, Kez lost a screamer king--his fault, and my daughter lost a huge trout--not her fault it got into a 300 copper, but fun was had.

June 20, 2017

Finally the water is starting to set-up. Some cooler water is moving in down below and stratify after having hot water and no hard thermal layer.  Fished saturday evening 34.5 line in the 59's and the current was one of the worst I had ever fished, and it was still smoking on sunday morning.  Yesteday the current slowed down and the cooler water was pushed out to the 35 line from 59.3 south---as we trolled south into the 56's it curved east into the top of the 33's.  Fishing for the first hour yesterday was on fire as fast as you could get riggers to the bottom and it wasn't all trout.  We hit a coho and 2 big kings on trout rigs; Mixed Veggie and DBL Chrome Spin Doctors and Spin n glos on a rigger and low wire.  Our best rod was a rigger on the bottom 8ft lead Moonshine Moonbell Yellow Tail and a Gr Peanut.  300 coppers w/ Moonshine Raptor and Blue Flounder and rigger down 70 w Gr Jeans took bites. It was frustrating to have the bite shut down but we were still able to pick at em through the morning. Marking Tons of bait and fish through out the morning---when we cleaned fish they were packed with bait, all alewives no cisco like Sat evening.  We did hit 2 big kings on high diver back 250ft w/Kevins Girlfriend and a Green Mile meat rig and got one.  Offshore is still a pick but with increasing bait starting to show up and the water conditions continuing to improve this water should start to load up.  There were fish caught straight out and the 49's and 50's on the 40 line this weekend.  We just have to scatter out and find the pockets.

Fun morning with these 2 kids, they only lost 2 fish and managed to capture some and helped work the back of the boat and did a great job. Too bad we had quite a few drive bys w/o hooking up.

June 18, 2017

Sorry no fishing reports---busy week. Fishing has been very tough after a great spring.  I have done some back research into old archives and have seen this based on extremely warm water temps in June.  There are places with good fishing---pockets of fish.  I have been out to the 45's and the 47's the last 2 days. Fish are spread out!! The best water has been the 43's and the 44's. Gold blank spoons best. Top 20ft. Flat lines to 100 coppers. Mixed bag, salmon, steelies and trout.  Yeck Gold Tangerine, Bush Bean, UV Beetle. Stinger Starburst has been good.  Riggers are taking fish early, Moonshine Orange Flounder and Sarge 55-70ft down.  Best fishing has been north of the point in the 08's to the 12's, just south of Manistee 120fow. Last night went to the 34.5 line in the 59's and lights out fishing for trout and it was very good this morning also.   Water is packed to the bottom but bait is there and kings and trout are there also.  Best has been a Mixed Veggie Spin Doctor on the floor w/UV Green Tip Spin n glo and Moonshine Yellow Tail Moonbells with Peanuts.  Today the west wind packed that water and warmed it up 7 degrees---interesting to find out if the fish stick around tomorrow???  Very interesting that most of the bait there is baby Cisco.

Couple of the types of fish you can find out deep.  Lost several big jumpers, steelhead that just went nuts. Most of the fish caught out there are packed with bugs and emerald beetles.

June 12, 2017

The surface temp map has been inaccurate. The breaks or isobars have been accurate but the temp readings are off, sometimes dramatically. I got in touch with Retired Capt Jim Fenner who works closely with Coast Watch and he contacted them. They changed programs and some of the parameters are not right. Jim's efforts have gotten progress and programmers will correct this soon.

June 10, 2017

Fishing improved this morning. Despite the full moon fish bit steady thru the morning. With the gale wind forecast we ran south to Pentwater and trolled south for a couple of miles before turning north. My best was 85fow but Hattrick was catching fish inside in skinnier. Fish were in pockets 45-48's and then 52's and 53's were good with a pick in between. 200 Blood Run Copper with Moonshine RV Reg size Flounder Pounder was good. Hit fish on Sliders w/main line down 45 and 55ft on Yeck Mixed Veggie and Jerid. Stinger Starburst on a 100 copper went. High Divers with Chrome Mtn Dew and Mtn Dew Spin n glo and Greasy Chicken Spin Doctor with an Orange Spin n Glow werte best for us. Low Divers with Blue chrome Spin Doctor with a Blue Spin n Glo w/Blue Fly behind that and a Chrome Dodger with a white Spin n glo and mirage skirt took fish also. Lost a big king on a Dancing Anchovy setting up in the morning

Had a great time with guys from Ohio today and they managed to get some fish for the grill back at camp.

June 9, 2017

Since the north blow, fishing has gotten tough the last couple of days. 80-85fow to the south has been best for trout from the 56's spread out past Pentwater. Tin Can Yeck Dodgers with Spin N Glos or DW Whirly Gigs, in Blues, Mtn Dew, Clown are good. Chrome, Blue Bubble and Greasy Chicken Spin Doctors w/ the same Spin n glos or DW Whirly gigs are good also. Off shore NW of the point in the 4000's and the 8's to the 10's there is a colder pocket of water holding fish. WE need the SW blow predicted for the next couple of days to bring the fish back.

June 7, 2017

The LRB is setting nets along the 50.00- line 100-175fow. These will be pulled by noon on thursday. This should be the last test netting for the season.

June 6, 2017

The LRB set 2 more assessment nets yesterday. Sorry I forgot to post this after cutting firewood all day, I was wiped out.

The nets are on the 50.000 line in 15-25fow and 50-60fow. Set for Cisco and Lake Trout assessment. These will be pulled today and I'm guessing that they will be setting 2 more nets on the same line but to move them deeper. If they don't set the other 2 nets today because of water conditions they will get to them later in the week?? If so I will post as soon as I get the message. These additional nets will be along the same east/west line. The assessment nets are only in for 24hrs and will not be disruptive to fishing. They are only 6ft above the bottom, have floats, staffs and flags at both ends and are 1800ft long.

June 4, 2017

Fishing remains very good. The best water up north was north of the point 04's to 07's. Friday evening divers were on fire down deep180-200ft back w/Meat rigs or Spin Doctors and flies but on saturday morning divers were not hot. Riggers and coppers with spoons and Spin Doctors and Meat Rigs.  Straight out of Ludington was good 100fow and out was good also. It's time to get out fishing if you haven't been out yet. Most of the catch has been kings, of all age classes. There is a wolf pack of young of the year fish out there but you need little ones to make big ones. These are showing tremendous growth already this year with good access to bait these will be horses in a couple of years.

June 2, 2017

The SW winds stacked the bank up again. Current is fast and the better fishing has occured when the current is moving. Watch the water color and fish the edges. If there is green water on the inside it is chlodophora being torn off the bottom due to the current. Chlodophora is a green algae that grows on the bottom 2-3inches long and appears as a green slime on your lines. You can catch fish in it early but moving out along the edge helps later, the fish have a hard time breathing in it, the slime gets caught in their gills. The LRB assessment nets this week struggled to catch fish and their 100ft net was loaded in 24hrs with the stuff.  Fishing has been very good for silver fish along the bank but it has been here today, gone tomorrow and then here today. Its time to start looking offshore also, the water is setting up well in the 35's. This is normal June fishing and later in the month we will be out in the 4000's looking for the colder water but right now you can set up skinny, try to punch some big kings and then go west looking for a mixed bag. We have been lucky to have for Ludington at this time of the year alot of coho around, predictiions for this year is a fantastic coho fishery and that is panning out around the lake.

Bait is in the drowned river mouths and rivers all over the lake to spawn. Sometimes this can make fishing tough, scattering fish and at the same time the water is warming and trying to stratify but is not set-up yet also scattering fish. If offshore breaks form though this will concentrate fish in June making it a killing ground. This is very early this year compared to the last several years and if the spawn is successful the early start will give this years young of the year (yoy) alewives a great start and a long growing season, making them big enough to survive the winter. There appears to be a good natural spawn of Chinook this year. Despite the MDNR claims last year that the lake is crashing and is all about dead by all appearances it is actually on the rebound.  Why is fishing good? 2013 thru spring 2016 wind patterns held alot of east winds. This caused lake currents to change, pushed water from the central basin to Wisconsin. Mid summer last year winds changed to a stronger westerly pattern and remained that way thru the winter in to this spring. By October bait finally ended up on our shoreline and remained.

Bottom line is fishing has been very good and it is time to get out there!!

May 30, 2017

The LRB tribe set assessment nets today for 24hr from 59,993 to 00.003, basically along the 00.000 line due west from 100 to 183fow. These nets should only be in for 24hrs and pulled for biological data.  Nets still have to be placed south of the Project this year. This is a normal every year occurence and again they are only fishing the bottom 6ft.

May 28, 2017

Fishing remains good but changes are taking place. Fishing friday along the bank was lights out, saturday very slow, today much better. Fishing south of the Project continues to be steady. Since we struggled north yesterday my crew was happy enough to go south.  Started in 105fow on the 50 line and that was too deep. Slid inside and started to get bit 90-95fow. High divers with Mtn Dew Spin Doctor and Cold Steel Meat Rig and Kevins Girlfriend with Gr Mile back 135-150fow. Low wire divers 100-140ft back with Net Minder and Showtime 10" Spin Doctors w/Cold Steel Meat rigs.  Put the boat on a WNW troll from the 48s picked a few fish on the out until we hit 147fow and the bite was steady. Rigger 45-55ft with Mixed Veggie and Black Flounder Sliders. 100-250ft Blood Run Coppers w/reg or small flutter type spoons were best. Stinger Jarro and KC-1, Moonshine Moonsburst, Flounder Pounder and Blue Flounder. Had 2 mag spoon bites early in the morning then small spoons later. Still some big Kings being caught but the bite is changing to a mixed bag, mixed size catch all over the water column. The water on the out troll, the down temp finally cooled off a touch on the 32.7 line and on both sides of that break fishing was good.     

May 23, 2017

The Manistee Tribe placed nets today in the 00's from 50' 0ut to 200'.  These will be pulled tomorrow morning. Included, nets placed for Cisco assessment were placed. This doesn't mean that they will be fishing but is a yearly assessment program.

Fishing remains good. Didn't get out yesterday because of the high SW winds. Sunday went to the Lake Trout grounds 35-50fow. Chrome 10" Spin Doctors, Yeck Tin Can Dodgers and MtN Dew Spin Doctors on divers and 250ft coppers w/DW Whirly gigs and Spin n glos in Green, Green UV and Mtn Dew were good. Today after the blow that water warmed up 9 degrees on the bottom and the trout scattered deeper. The bank was good and that water is 46 degrees top to bottom. Our best was 120-140fow. Wire divers back 150ft, with 10" Kevin Girlfriend w/Gr Mile meat rig, Net Minder and Cold steel Meat rig, Mtn Dew Spin Doctor 200ft back on a high diver w/Cold Steel Meat Rig. White/Pink Fish Scale 11 Paddle and Pickeled Sunshine fly 60-100ft down. Mag RV Orange Hulk, Blue Hulk, Mongollian Beef 70-90ft down on riggers went.


Great 2 days and 2 boats with my guys from oHIo??? Sunday trout fishing with Polecat and today with Hattrick on the bank. We all had a great time and they were able to take a great mess of fish home.

May 18, 2017

The Little River Band out of Manistee will be doing Lake Trout Scientific Assesment Netting next Mon and Tues, May 22,23. This is normal assesment netting done every year and are only in the water for 24hrs. This coincides with USGS assesment netting which is usually done in the fall. Population, age, stomach content and fin/cwt clips are assessed at this time also. The gill nets used are 1800ft long and from the bottom to 6ft off the bottom. They will be marked on both ends with float,staff and flags. They will be set 50' to 100', 100' to 150', 150' to 200ft.

Nets will be placed 43.50 and 44.00. ---south of the project and off the bank

May 15, 2017

Fishing remains very good. The trout grounds are thinning out, water is warming up and they are spreading out deeper 70, 80 90fow. The 30.8 line for the last 3 days was very good for Kings. Yesterday the fish slid south 52's and 53'swere best. Best rods were 200 Blood Run coppers and riggers down 45ft w/Moonshine mag and reg Orange Hulk. Also hit fish on Silver Streak mini size UV Viper on 3 color and Blue Flounder on 200 copper. Trout on Chrome 8 and 10" Spin Doctors and Yeck Tin Can Dodgers, the best Spin n glos have been UV Green Tip, XMAS Tree, and Clown.  Small Spin N Glos, Wobble Glos ahead of Mirage Flies and Squids are working very well, also getting some king bites on the wobble glos and squids.. The squids I run are trimmed down to 2.5in. Everyone claims lead lengths behind dodgers are critical and whats the best??? Speed is the determining factor. I run 36 to 40" leads but I run hot!!  Some guys claim to catch bigger fish trolling fast, I tend to agree but I also look at every day what and how the fish are reacting. A couple of weeks ago my best speed was 2.1, yesterday at 2.3 my trout were eater size at 2.7 they were bigger.  For kings I am only running spoons right now, trolling 3.0 minimum and it's working for me. I have not had a meat rig or flasher fly bite yet this year because of my speed?? That is my guess! If it ain't broke don't fix it. South West blow this week should push fish north and set up the bank again, our fingers are crossed!!!


A great time fishing with this young gentleman aboard RAPTOR! Had to take my wife so we could run more than 6 rods but she got to reel in fish and even got into the captains limit. The captain started to get frustrated when WE started to lose Kings but it was fun and steady fishing.

May 13, 2017

Still kickin today. Lake Trout fishing remains strong. Kings still being caught, with some coho showing up today. Fished 53's to 51's for Lakers and then trolled out to 30.5 line to 31's on a North troll and hit Kings at 3.0. Silver fish also coming up north from the Point to the 08's, 120fow.  All of our Kings came on Moonshine Orange Hulk on 200 copper and 45 down on rigger, Mag and Reg size. Kings were also hit on White Paddles and Flys and Spin Doctors and Meat rigs other than spoons. Chrome Spin Doctors and Yeck Dodgers with Spin n Glos and Whirly Gigs on divers were working well. Heard of other cowbell and Spin N Glo programs going on riggers.

Had a great crew aboard the RAPTOR today. Great Trout fishing and some very nice bonus salmon thrown in to test the whining capacity of the guys.

May 12, 2017

Ludington!!  Fishing is very good. No it is outstanding, fishing. Lake Trout, Kings with some steelhead thrown in. Best water for trout 51's to 52's 40 to 50fow. Without wind for 3 days the water is spreading out and the kings are moving alot. Best water for them today was 05's to 08's 120fow. Also catching them 1/2mile outside the pier head. Best trout rigs were Yeck dodgers with UV Green Tip Spin n glos. 60ft to 200 coppers were good today.  High lines were Moonshine Rickety Ranger and 200 coppers with Mag Orange and Blue Hulks. Meat rigs, Blue Bubble Spin Doctors, Walleye Spoons, Super Slims, Half moons, Yeck regular and 44 size, oranges reds, blues have been consistent.


May 4, 2017

Well here's the report everyone has been waiting for; let's hope the forecasted weather doesn't screw it up!! Kings are here in decent numbers!!! Pentwater to Manistee 30-50fow, pier heads, on top of the bank stretching along the shoreline on Meat rigs, Spin Doctors and flies, spoons on riggers and coppers. Haven't heard of anyone fishing off the Point in 175-225fow but when they are on top of the bank the bait is usually on the bottom out deeper and the mother load could be there??? The forecast is for submarine fishing until monday starting late evening tonight. With all the rain and high river flows a ton of nutrient energy is going into the lake and with the winds the settled sediments that will be stirred up and feed the lake. Talking with the MDNR and USGS wind events like this are very beneficial in the long run by mixing water throughout the water columns feeding the lake. Mussels filter a ton of energy and their excrement settles on the bottom and contains tons of phosphorous. This wind forecast will stir up the sediments bringing up and dispersing the phosphorous thru the lake. Can't fish but a positive situation for the ecosystem.

April 25, 2017

I apologize for not putting out a fishing report last week and this weekend but there was a server issue and whatever voodoo they do needed some additional doo to get it up and running.  Fishing was very good this weekend. Kings are starting to show up, most were caught in 25 to 30fow, a mix of spoons and stickbaits have been best. Lake Trout have been ferocious 35 to 60fow. 50's to 52's have been the best. Chrome, Greasy Chicken, Glow w/Green Tape Spin Doctors have been good with Spin n glos.  Chrome, Tin Can, Lightening, Chrome/Copper Yeck Dogders with Spin N Glos or Blue Flys were good. 


Saturday this young lady had a great time capturing fish, on Sunday these 4 gentlemen were part of a 3 boat group and everyone had a great time and very quick limits. Being on the water both days were beautiful and sunny, great fishing.

April 14, 2017

Fishing out of Ludington was good today despite the east winds.  Browns and a few Kings were caught on the beach and Lakers offshore.  We fished 55's to 53's in 55-65fow. High divers with Yeck Tin Can Dodgers and XMAS Tree Spin n glos were good.  Took fish on Mixed Veggie/Chrome Spin Doctor on a rigger on the bottom.  Spoons were going at the end of the trip 150 and 200ft Blood Run Copper with Reg Fuzzy Bear Modified Blue Dolphin and Moonshine Blue Flounders. Rigger down 40ft with Orange Flounder was good.

Good crew aboard the RAPTOR today. These kids did a great job on the rods and took some nice fish for the grill and smoker.

Feb. 20, 2017

Lake Michigan fishing is starting off early this year, and the best fishing is not in the SW corner of the lake. St. Joe Kings and Steelhead were caught 240-270fow. Saugatuk great Lake Trout Fishing, Ludington Browns with Coho and Steelies mixed in. Burns Ditch, Gary Indiana, Chicago are usually the first ports to get going but this is not the case this year. The water temp down there is where it usually is at mid April, and a couple of warm patches are in the middle of the south and north half of the lake. Coho are being caught along the Wisconsin shoreline and they are full of shrimp. Very good start to the early season, as we get into the next warm period things should really kick off.  Time to get your gear ready for some of the best fishing of the season and the best eating!!

Jan 27, 2017

After several schedule changes the GLSI was able to meet with the MDNR in the State Capitol.  This meeting was hosted by Sen. Dave Hildenbrand. Attendees were Gary Smith RODMASTER, Capt. Steve WILD THING, Glen Buehner RAPTOR, representing the GLSI, Jay Wesley, Jim Dexter, and Trevor Vandyke from the MDNR. Topics included Lake Trout plants, Chinook planting methods and locations, Coho allocations for 2017. We asked the DNR to provide goals for 2018 to fish stocking goals. Look at changes to creel limits on salmon from 5-3 to save our native stocks which is in direct opposition to the stance Steelheaders organization takes. Creel changes are made on species to help with population explosions or collapses and salmon has gone from 5 to 3 to 5 in the past. Conversation on dredging the Platte River mouth to allow access to Platte Bay for small boaters to access fish. Our concern is boaters trying to access Platte from Frankfurt and get caught in waves/storms and safety. Topics also included Tagging/Marking trailers, Asian Carp, Lamprey Program, Cormorants. Throughout the dialogue the DNR repeatedly expressed that no changes can take place for 2 years due to committee study, review, approval, and action. Sen Hildenbrand expressed his displeasure of this notion and the MDNR needs to manage this lake as a silver fish fishery, not Lake Trout, in support of anglers and the economic impact made by our fishery  on coastal communities and state. Also expressed by the GLSI was the proactive actions by the State of Wisconsin WLBA, DNR and Legislators to support the anglers of that state recognizing a return fishery to their coastline.  Jim Dexter expressed his support for the actions taken by the St. of Wisconsin.  Wow--did we just hear that?? Sen. Hildenbrand heard that loud and clear!!  PLEASE EXPRESS YOUR APPRECIATION FOR SEN. HILDENBRANDS TIME AND SUPPORT FOR SPORTSMEN AND BUSINESSES OF THIS STATE! OFFICE # 517-373-1801

Dec 20 2016

Sea Grant meeting in Ludington Jan 14, 2017.  For info/data on the future of our fishery or at least the MDNR's take on the science behind their decisions is open to everyone.  Google sea grant msu extension and sign up and attend.

Fishing in the late fall has been fantastic for salmon and steelhead on the big pond.  Not many people took advantage of it due to deer season but fish and tremendous amounts of bait showed up.  Hopefully westerly flow of winds happen thru out the winter and spring and we should see very good fishing on our side of the lake next year.  For 4 years now predominent easterly winds has affected our fishing negatively.

The GLSI is continuing to work to maintain our salmon fishery.  We put out a poll to our members to vote on stocking locations and numbers on 4 MDNR recommendations and 4 options that the GLSI came up with based on science and social requirements.  The decisions have not been released to the public yet until Sen Hildenbrand reviews them.  I contacted Hildenbrand to express our concern over some of the release sites ex: Medusa by Charlevoix, why release 50,000 salmon smolts there in 2017?  Very little fishing pressure, virtually no access, no economic impact to the economy.  MDNR says that they contribute to the fishery.  Our ports need fish to be planted where anglers have returns and access to these fish and ports get economic return.  We have also pushed the USGS to relook and revvamp their predator prey models based on sound scientific theories on lake trout consumption and dietary digestion and biodynamics of energy transference from bait consumption and digestion, also comparing apples to apples like a 10lb trout vs a 10lb salmon.  Surprisingly this was not part of their research and they are reviewing data.  With millions of Lakers being planted in L michigan and natural reproduction occurring Wisconsin has publicly admitted that there is a problem and they are looking into emergency measures to reduce the laker population to reduce predation on alewives.  Why doesn't our state publicly recognize the problem?  They have spoken to the GLSI about opening seasons in lower L Mich and speak about being nimble to make quick changes but have failed to follow through.  Jan 19th the GLSI has a meeting in Lansing with Senator Hildenbrand and the MDNR to discuss these issues along with marking trailers, Chicago Waterway, Lamprey control, GLRI funds among others.

The GLSI is the only group that is working hard to save our Great Lakes salmonid fishery, a balanced diversified fishery of all species including lake trout supportive of the bait fish population and using the science available to defend our stance for the Great Lakes and tributaries, meaning our open water and river fisheries to sustain a year round fishery.  Join the GLSI, have input and make a difference.

Nov 10, 2016

Fishing out of Ludington and Manistee this past week has been excellent.  Huge double digit catches of Chinook are being captured

GLSI NEWS:  So much has been happening and changing on a daily basis that keeping an update would be difficult and in many cases a disservice.  I would like to take the time to thank all Businesses, Recreatiional  Anglers, Charters, and Stakeholders in membership of the GLSI in the fight to save our Chinook Salmon fishery!  The GLSI fought for 0% cuts in Chinook plants in L. Michiugan in 2017 and that did not happen.  That was alot to ask for in 8 short weeks, even though we thought we had a good shot.  This was not a loss at all if, if you are looking long term or at the big picture.I would also like to take the time to thank the persons that volunteered their time to step up as sitting Board Members.  These people have put in their own time committing thousands of hours researching scientific data, contacting entities at state and federal levels, meetings, communicating among themselves to distribute responsibilities.  What has the GLSI accomplished so far?

  • Most importantly public hearings with the MDNR. Ludington 7/12 and 9/7 and South Haven 9/13
  • Hired lobbyists that put us in touch with Legislators that have the greatest impact activating a legislative voice
  • Voice with the MDNR and actiating change
  • Awareness, Communication, Education to and with the Public
  • Seat on the Lake Michigan Citizens Advisory Council
  • Forcing USGS/MDNR transparency and communication with the public
  • Importantly brought to the forefront and intiating change to Lake Trout management strategies
  • Expanded relationships with Legislators, MDNR, USGS, USFWS to effect change
  • Review of Accoustic/Trawl data and initiated and forced change on how this data is collected and presented
  • Brought awareness the Economic impact that Chinook Salmon have on our state and fishery
  • Positioned the voice of our membership in front of the MDNR, MCBA, Legislature, USGS, DEQ, EPA, Charter Associations, Focus Groups, and Public Hearings

Take time to join the GLSI and make your voice heard to save our salmon fishery

Capt Glen Buehner President GLSI

Sept 30, 2016

The GLSI met in Ludington @ Constitution Hall with Jim Dexter and his Deputy Chief.  We got exactly what I thought we would get from them almost exactly nothing.  The good news is we are at the table with the MDNR and have a direct line to the people in power.  The MDNR has only communicated to the GLSI only through Senators and Lobbyists.  The MDNR finally heard from the board of directors directly and our insights into the future of the fishery of Lake Michigan.  One enormous consession we did get was that they have not been getting accurate feedback from groups and organizations or not listening to the feedback.  They were very surprised by the passion and the opposition to the proposed salmon cuts in 2017, starting with the meeting July 12th in Ludington with Senator Booher and the following meetings in Sept in Ludington and South Haven.  The Michigan DNR is still fighting to keep up the premise of a 50% salmon cut and a slight cut in L. Trout.  BUT---Wisconsin and now Illinois are fighting to maintain 0% cuts in Chinook.  Senators have met with Directors of the MDNR and have firmly expressed their interest in maintaining current stocking levels in Chinook plants, this is carrying tremendous weight, and the fisheries biologists are feeling the heat.  The GLSI is in daily contact with the coalition in Wisconsin and our lobbyists are in constant contact with their lobbyists.  The MDNR is now trying to find a way to fight the GLSI, Wisconsin and Illinois.  The MDNR also admitted that the lakers are doing damage to our plants and native hatched Chinook, Browns, coho and lesser of steelhead but will not do much in reducing lake trout numbers. 


Sept 29, 2016

Even though my boat is out of the water and pulled home I will keep this report active through the winter especially over the next several months because of the GLSI and the decisions that are pending for our salmon plants and planned meetings with the Citizens Advisory Council, Sea Grant, and others.

The GLSI has a meeting scheduled today in Lansing with the MDNR concerning the proposed salmon plant numbers in L. Michigan for 2017.  This is not the only issue.  We also have questions that have not been answered to anyones satisfaction.  Why decrease salmon numbers and increase L Trout numbers---how are we going to get L Trout numbers down drastically for a balance to save alewives.  When what where are Great Lakes Musky and walleye going to be planted.  How is the MDNR and USGS going to get more accurate data for trawl and acoustic data for bait fish.  How are they going to get better survival on smolt plants like Browns, Kings, Steelhead when these fish are going to have to make the run to the lake through all these added predators and then meet a huge wolf pack of lakers in shallow water in the spring?  What is the long term plan and how do we get there.  How could the MDNR not recognize the economic and social impact that their decisions are creating for the share holders of the lake   How can the MDNR put out a video filled with misdirection or flat out lies.  Most important for the future how does the GLSI get invited to sit on committees to have input to recognize and represent all stakeholders in the Great Lake States and have sway on possible decisions that effect the lake, the predator impact, recreational anglers, businesses effected, charter fleet and others.  A decision was supposed to be released this week by Wisconsin and Michigan but has been put off until after all the states meet on Oct 4th or 5th.  The good news is that the GLSI through Legislators got a letter adopted that required the MDNR to collect all the eggs required for a 0% cut next year.

Sept 23, 2015

The weather man was wrong again.  If you are looking up at a wave it's not a 2-4 footer.  Started 55's and 33, marking fish, continued to set-up on a ssw troll no takers.  Swung back to the north because we quit marking fish and hit a couple 33.5 and 54.5.  Tried an out troll and turned back before the 35's because it was to rough for the crew.  Eventually the waves did settle down and we made it out to the 36's and hit fish in the 35's and 36's this is where the bait started.  Water temp was just starting to cool off at the end of the trip with the north wind.  Still 70 down 70 but the break came up 5ft and it is a 25deg break in 5ft.  85 to 120ft down on riggers, 240-270ft back on high divers, 400 copper with a 1/2lb weight 15 passes back.  No 200-300 copper bites.  Best was a Moonshine RV Ratchet Jaw on a fixed slider rigger at 85ft a Ratchet Jaw down 110-120ft on a rigger, Blue Flounder RV 85 on rigger and the 400 copper.  Silver Streak Orange Chilly Willy on a high diver.  The wind forecast should cool off the inside water and maybe put some fish on the bank, but with the bait further off shore the east wind may just push it further off and the fish with it.  Our best troll was a trough west troll 2.9-3.1SOG.  Some nice fat 2-3yr old kings out there and Steelhead and Lakers. 

Sept 20, 2015

Update to what is happening on the GLSI front.  Monday Sept 26 the Wisconsin DNR is going to announce their plans for the Wisconsin salmon fishery.  Thurs Sept 29 the GLSI has a meeting with the MDNR in Lansing.  Our focus is continuing to get the MDNR to a 0% cut in Chinook plants for 2017 and work to obtain a balance on the other top apex predator in the lake--Lake Trout.  The lake trout have been rehabilitated by planting and now natural reproduction just like salmon and it is wrong that our DNR forces anglers to have to target this fish and to publicly announce that we should be happy and accept that.  We already have easy access to that kind of fishery in Lake Huron, why not have the best of both worlds; a world class lake trout and warm water fishery in Lake Huron and a world class Salmon fishery in Lake Michigan.  The GLSI goal is to force the MDNR to manage our fishery for the social and economic benefits of the fishery in this day and age, not for the lies that they the MDNR propagates or for fish that they tell us we should target because that is their agenda.  What kind of lies?  Salmon eat only alewives; really? this year I have caught chinook with a bluegill, smelt, bloater chubs, whitefish and salmon smolts in them.  Lake Trout don't eat that many alewives when their own biologists have produced journals and published papers that say given a choice lake trout will target and prefer alewives.  The MDNR created a "Predator Pit" in Lake Huron to accomplish the goal of a native fishery and the pit wiped out the alewives, chinook played a role in this but not the sole cause like the DNR would like ypou to believe, for proof of this ---google alewives, go to and look up alewives.  The direction that they want to take Lake Michigan is the same as Lake Huron.  As stakeholders in Lake Michigan we don't have to accept this direction from our DNR and they are angry with the GLSI even to the point of telling the Wisconsin DNR that they are very upset with the GLSI and the membership.  This is letting us know we are having an effect and will continue to push for a balanced fishery in support of all the Grand Slam Species!!  Join the GLSI and be a part in the future of your fishery and make history. 

Sept 15, 2016

The MDNR meeting in South Haven went very well for us fisherman but not for the DNR.  Overwhelmingly the public told the DNR no salmon cuts in 2017, start cutting Lake Trout for a balanced predator prey relationship.  Sen Dave Hildenbrand attended the meeting and gave his 100% support for the fisherman and the 7 Billion dollar a year Salmon fishery that the DNR is letting slip by for their own agenda.  The public told them their fear tactics on the supposed crash of the alewives is not being listened to and that they have mismanaged Lake Michigan and that the DNR needs to correct their problems and it won't be at the fishermans expense.  We want our Chinook, cut Lake Trout plants.  There was a lot of passion and anger shown in the meeting in support for 0% cut in chinook plants.  The Great Lakes Salmon Initiative was very well recieved and our membership continues to grow and the impact that we are having on the MDNR and their current decision to cut salmon plants in 2017 and even future decisions and actions that they take.  This all takes money to hire lobbyists because these people know which legislators are key personnel to get in touch with to enact change.  We are proving what I learned in school that our vote counts!!  Please join the GLSI and become a member at .

Another important step to winning this fight is to call and voice your opinion to our state legislators the people that can force the MDNRs hand.  Call or email these Key Senators that hold the purse strings and are supportive to the cause and Sen Booher to thank him for making these open meetings possible.

Sen Dave Hildenbrand   517-373-1801

Sen Jim Stamas  517-373-7946

Sen Pete Macgregor   517-373-0797

Sen Darwin Booher   517-373-1725





Contact Captain Glen Buehner Ludington Charter Service If you want to send information for the fishing report.