What types of Fish We Catch!

Ludington is one of the top charter boat ports in the entire Great Lakes Chain!

"Ludington's catch rate (fish per trip) beats all other Michigan ports"


April...........starts our fishing season with Brown trout the main targets. Many Master angler Browns are taken out of the port of Ludington each year. Fishing is close to shore and in the harbor with light line. Some Charters use smaller boats to chase browns and offer 2 person packages. Browns fight hard and are great eating!


May............is a month when anything goes. Browns are still being caught, Lake trout become legal targets and some Salmon and Steelhead start moving into the area. Off the project, which warms the water, some fantastic fishing is to be had. Variety limit catches are often the rule. Nothing fights as hard as a Spring King Salmon. 15 lbs. fish fight like 30 pounders often charging the boat.


June............brings Lake trout into the area to feed. Every year many Master Angler Lakers are taken. Fresh Lake Trout on the grill can't be beat. Steelhead fishing is also going strong in June, as are Salmon. This a great family fishing month. Take dad on a Charter for Father's Day.


July............continues with offshore steelhead "scum-line" fishing. This fishing often requires longer rides off shore. But the action is worth it! A great day can be 25 in the box with 60 to 70 fish on! Salmon are starting to move in with some early runs up the Pere Marquette occurring in July.


August.........is KING salmon month with the big spawners starting to stage off the river mouths. Action is often fast and furious in the morning with 25 lbs. fish testing even the best of anglers. Often after a morning of Salmon fishing boats move off shore to add a few steelhead to the days catch. August marks the arrival of Coho Salmon and the possibility of a Michigan Grand Slam becomes a reality (King, Coho, Steelhead, Lake Trout, and Brown Trout).


September....brings some of the biggest Salmon of the season. Harbor mouth and river mouth fishing is often the rule. If the wind blows, NO PROBLEM! Fishing is fantastic in protected PM Lake.


October........can be one of the most beautiful months to fish with fall colors, warm days, and the crowds gone. Steelhead once again become the targets of the charter boats. But.......... Now the fish come to us and fishing is within a few miles of port.


"Pick any month you can't go wrong!"